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To find Bristol and Bath eerie?

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soulandwine · 08/09/2022 20:32

I wonder if anyone else feels this way about Bristol and Bath? I grew up in east Devon and often used to think about where I'd live as an adult. On paper, Bristol seemed like the perfect and logical solution. The right size, location, beautiful architecture, interesting people and culturally rich.

I'm at a crossroads in my life, and with nothing tying me to any particular area, I am considering once again where would suit me best. My first thoughts were Bristol, but after another recent day trip, I somehow can't bring myself to love the city.

It's hard to describe, but I find the atmosphere in both Bristol and Bath oppressive, disconcerting and somewhat creepy. Both cities have a coldness, as though the soul has been sucked out. I don't feel this way about London, Oxford, Exeter, Winchester etc., only Bristol and Bath.

I will say that I'm a reasonably sensitive character, and I absorb other people's emotions, as mad as that sounds. Does anyone else feel the same way about Bristol and Bath?

Apologies, not sure if this belongs in AIBU or not.

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Goingtogoinsane · 08/09/2022 20:33

Ummmm no
i love both cities and find they both have completely different vibes

Wallabyone · 08/09/2022 20:34

I've never been to either place but have definitely read threads on here saying exactly the same as you!

Northernsoullover · 08/09/2022 20:34

I don't find Bath creepy. I love visiting but I love leaving too. It's the fact that I feel hemmed in there. I feel the same way about the Rhondda Valley.
Bristol is just too busy for me.

Oldrockingchair · 08/09/2022 20:35

I don’t know bristol that well but bath is the exact opposite in my opinion. I love it - no bad vibes for me at all. Much nicer than Exeter which is a bit dull, and Oxford is overrated & has some shabby bits that feel quite sad. I’d happily move to Bath if I could afford it!

TheLightSideOfTheMoon · 08/09/2022 20:35

I grew up in Bath and left for a town in Wiltshire at the first opportunity.

Used to be run down and oppressive. Had some lovely bits, but mostly run down.

Now the fake old building in the town centre have a weird vibe. Like it’s it’s a movie set made of polystyrene.

INeverSawAPurpleCow · 08/09/2022 20:36

move to London, Oxford, Exeter, Winchester etc then!

conconfused · 08/09/2022 20:36

I don't mind Bath or Bristol but Bracknell on the other hand is a eeire, crushing place....

porkmarkets · 08/09/2022 20:38

'I will say that I'm a reasonably sensitive character, and I absorb other people's emotions'

Do tell us more

BobMortimersPocketMeat · 08/09/2022 20:39

I think you must just be looking for something different. Bristol is bright, vibrant, busy and is so varied that no matter what you like you’ll find it there.

Bath is more stately and mellow, with a slower vibe and less excitement but still welcoming. In both there are sedate suburbs, edgy parts and everything in between.

I’ve lived in both places for long periods, and been connected to them for much of my life and I’d happily live in either again. I go to Bristol regularly for work and leisure and realise how much I miss it as I’m driving back to my country town.

nachoavocado · 08/09/2022 20:39

I've definitely heard that about Bath before.

Hoolihan · 08/09/2022 20:41

I do get what you mean about Bath, have been there often and don't love it but can't put my finger on why. It feels a bit oppressive to me I think, and echoey somehow or a bit too quiet? I do think it's very beautiful though. I don't know Bristol at all.

Kanaloa · 08/09/2022 20:41

You don’t need any excuse to not like somewhere. I wouldn’t live in London - not because I find it ‘eerie,’ just because it wouldn’t suit me. Love it for a week-end though! Just wouldn’t suit my family long term. I’m sure there’s another place in the UK that would suit.

I imagine the eeriness could be caused by you feeling at a crossroads/a bit of a loose end and as a ’sensitive person’ maybe pinning the emotions around thinking of moving tk a whole new place on the actual place itself.

WhileMyGuitarGentlyWeeps · 08/09/2022 20:42

Maybe you were burned as a witch there. 😮

BeanyBops · 08/09/2022 20:42

Yabu Bristol is warm, creative and friendly. Very liberal. I adore it. Perhaps you did what many tourists do and only managed to visit the Pitcher & Piano on the waterfront, and thought that was Bristol.

EmpressoftheMundane · 08/09/2022 20:48

Bristol always seems rough to me.

ADialgaAteMyDog · 08/09/2022 20:48

Which parts of Bristol and Bath did you visit?
I had a friend who hates Bristol then came down south to my bit and couldn't believe how lovely and leafy it is around Victoria Park. I don't particularly like the centre and Glos Road myself but there's something for everyone here.
Central Bath is a stressy nightmare but Bear Flat and Oldfield Park are lovely.

ginandbearit · 08/09/2022 20:49

Yes I get you ..same with Brighton ..I like both Bath and Brighton but there is a melancholy in them both . Im not really woo but definitely get a vibe of past sadnesses in a place meant for happiness .

Ahf22 · 08/09/2022 20:50

Totally hear you, I get this feeling too.

pinkyredrose · 08/09/2022 20:50

conconfused · 08/09/2022 20:36

I don't mind Bath or Bristol but Bracknell on the other hand is a eeire, crushing place....

Oh god it's grim in Bracknell. Horrid place, no soul lots of housing estates and fuck all happening.

ThomasHardyPerennial · 08/09/2022 20:52

I lived in Bristol for several years, and really dislike the place. It's so disjointed.

Infinitemoon · 08/09/2022 20:54

It's the radon and the fact that it sits in a bowl. I find Bath oppressive too.

Infinitemoon · 08/09/2022 20:57

Bath like most Spa towns have had their heyday. They were once powerhouses and are now inert, tourist traps. The past weighs heavy on the present and makes them too nostalgic and unbalanced.

Flymetothezoom · 08/09/2022 21:00

@conconfused completely agree about Bracknell. It is like someone designed a town after only hearing a description of humans.

RudsyFarmer · 08/09/2022 21:01

I found Bath very eerie too! I wonder what it is?!

FourChimneys · 08/09/2022 21:01

A lot of the old buildings in Bristol were built from the profits of the slave trade. That makes it seem oppressive to me. All that cruelty turned into bricks and morter, so to speak.

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