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DS3 pre school

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Motherof1only · 08/09/2022 15:56

DS3.5’s 4th day at new pre school attached to primary school 3 hours a day
Jusr picked him up and yet again his drink has been put in his bag and untouched
ive told them he needs reminding to go the toilet but he’s had accidents 2 of the days. The other 2 days he didn’t wee at all.
one of the pics is uploaded to tapestry is DS and another child playing and his clothes are soaked in the pic
Hardly any communication with the preschool, kids walk in themselves then at pick up the kids walk over to parents after being pointed out
AIBU to be concerned a little? I feel like they expect children to be more independent than they are, it’s more like a primary school really, they wear uniform. 25 kids in one room.
he went to a private nursery previously and they were the complete opposite in terms of care and communication

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