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To ask about experiences of negative pregnancy tests?

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FromageRouge · 08/09/2022 00:31

I just feel so nauseous, but it was unequivocally negative.

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FromageRouge · 08/09/2022 00:32

Sorry the Q is “AIBU to second guess the negative result?”

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FidginSpinnins · 08/09/2022 00:42

You're not, wait a few days and test again. But, rising hormones before your period can make you feel sick too.

I found when I was TTC I noticed more about what my body did. Disappointingly almost all early pregnancy symptoms can also be signs your period in en route.

Fingers crossed you get your desired result.

Cw112 · 08/09/2022 00:49

How long past your missed period are you? I'm pregnant at the minute but didn't get a positive result until I think about day 8 after the first day of my missed period. By which point I was convinced it was just not happening but I was ravenous in the morning and a bit nauseous when I hadn't eaten so that's why I tested again. It's so hard to tell because nerves/ anxiety over the test can totally mirror the nausea etc.

Mamai90 · 08/09/2022 00:55

I never had PMS, always felt the same around when my period was due - normal. The last month I was TTC I swear I'd never felt more pregnant in my life, even down to the bland food I was craving and couldn't face our dinners. I told DH I was pregnant, I didn't need a test (it was too early to be accurate) , I'd only felt this way in pregnancy. I was 100% sure. DH went out and bought all the snacks I'd craved during my last pregnancy 😳. Suddenly my pregnancy symptoms started to disappear and my period came. I was so shocked.

I heard other people say it, but your body can play tricks on you, and so can progesterone. That's not to say you aren't pregnant but I've learnt to wait until there's a second line before I'm sure 😄. Test again in a few days.

Good luck 👍

FromageRouge · 08/09/2022 01:10

Thanks everyone.

Annoyingly, I can’t remember the exact date of my LMP, but it was the end of July. So I’m probably 7-10 days late now.

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FromageRouge · 08/09/2022 01:11

I took a test soon after I was due and then another a couple of days after that. I might order some more online now just in case this continues.

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