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Am i wasting my time ?

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Jackster11 · 07/09/2022 21:48

I expressed an interest in a property with the Estate Agent, and was told there was a cash buyer in front of me, I am booked in for a viewing on Saturday (cash buyer is viewing tomorrow), shall I even bother or am I just wasting my time ? I've asked the EA to let me know what comes out of tomorrow, just not sure I should involve myself if the cash buyer is going to trump me and I am not up for a bidding war

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SparrowsNest · 08/09/2022 09:39

I would go and look and if you like the property put in an offer and see what cime of it. When selling my mum's house we didn't go with a cash buyer. One expected a massive reduction for cash - when we had several asking price or over offers and a second didn't actually have the full funds available at the time he offered. From the other offers we went with the buyers we liked best.

Kellie45 · 08/09/2022 09:43

Go if you’re interested. Buyers have a habit of pulling out. Looking at properties is also good experience for looking at the next one!

FawnDrench · 08/09/2022 09:44

There's cash buyers and "cash buyers" - it's a very flimsy and much overused term that often doesn't ring true when the facts come out.

If you like the house why not view it?

FOJN · 08/09/2022 09:49

The cash buyer may not like the house and make an offer. If they view and make an offer today you can decide whether to cancel the viewing if the EA doesn't. You can't become involved in a bidding war if you don't make an offer and you don't even know if you will like the house enough to do that.

Wait and see rather than trying to predict what will happen.

Anniegetyourgun · 08/09/2022 09:49

Surely you, and the (possibly mythical - some estate agents are less ethical than others) cash buyer are viewing more than one property? I went round loads before finding one that I liked and for which my offer was acceptable. (One decided to sell to a cash buyer, then months later rang back to ask if I was still interested because the buyer had pulled out. But I was committed to the one I live in now by that time.)

nachoavocado · 08/09/2022 09:50

You might as well go. The cash buyer might hate it.

WithIcePlease · 08/09/2022 09:59

They will need proof of funds which doesn't appear with many 'cash' buyers.

Jackster11 · 09/09/2022 18:53

Thanks everyone, the EA rang this morning to say it sold, assume that’s the cash buyer, didn’t get to view it in the end! Good to have your views, thank you may help with the next one, although I’m starting to feel property search tired, everything I look at sells within the first day!

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