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Sensory friendly rain jacket/ coat

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MochaShots · 06/09/2022 22:36

Hi, my son has sensory issues and I'm yet to find a rain jacket or winter coat that doesn't make 'that scratchy sound'

He is a young teen, and needs a relatively plain navy or black jacket/coat.

Any ideas? I'm lost!

Thank you.

OP posts:

Chouetted · 07/09/2022 13:51

toodizzyizzy · 07/09/2022 12:43

Following, I cannot get my 14 year son with ADHD to try any kind of coat. I've bought all the suggestions on here over the years. My ASD older daughter has told me to give up and it's cruel to try and force him! He's planning to get through the winter by just wearing a hoody🙄

To be honest, at 14, unless he actually comes down with hypothermia, I don't think you can do much. Some teenagers just don't feel the cold. I didn't at his age.


Pashazade · 07/09/2022 18:11

@toodizzyizzy would he notice if you washed his favourite hoody in waterproofing stuff. You can buy it from Mountain Warehouse etc and usually bung it in with coats to improve the waterproofing, might help a bit....or sneaky thermal T-shirts.....


toodizzyizzy · 07/09/2022 18:14

@Pashazade That's the best advice that I've had in a long time, thanks 👍


Pashazade · 07/09/2022 18:36

You obvs caught me on a good day, hope it works!


RedeeeOrNot · 07/09/2022 19:20

Another 👍 for @Pashazade great idea.


Chouetted · 07/09/2022 21:15

Maybe you should try it on a hoody that isn't his favourite first, just in case it ruins it?


TopFlatTroubles · 07/09/2022 21:22

Decathlon do hunting clothes that are supposed to be a silent fabric so they don't make that crunching noise. They're probably all camo colours though.


AntlerRose · 07/09/2022 21:27

For the cold my son finds base layers better than coats and then the normal hoodie over the top.

Rain is a bit trickier. He will wear waterproof hats.


EamesBird · 07/09/2022 21:57

OP I can relate and struggle with being squashed or itched by clothes or rustled at.

comfy quiet raincoat

I buy random cheap clothes stuff from Amazon and got this coat in yellow with fluffy insides a year ago for about £4. It is shipped from china so takes a while to arrive and is always worth buying a much bigger size than required. It comes in loads of colours, is square cut rather than shaped on so would work for either sex and has become my favourite gardening coat. Mine is square across the back not split and tied at the bum like some of the available options. Quiet even with the hood up, cosy but big enough for extra layers, massive pockets and easily washed/tumble dried for next day use. It is shower proof rather than full waterproof but the layer of fluffy inside keeps you dry.

My favourite bit is the sleeves which are slightly long so I fold up a bit to keep the sleeves in place (looks like a design feature) or fold down round my hands to keep them cosy (comfort habit). Normal sleeves on coats give me cold wrists and need gloves.

My future proof tip for managing tactile sensory issues with outdoor clothes is buy BIG so you can always add a well loved comfy layer between skin and clothing and get a scarf of any much loved fabric to help create a comfort boundary. I recently ruined a cashmere/silk mix pashmina type scarf that was expensive initially but I loved the feel of it and had it for nearly twenty years and used it most of the year to ease seat belt contact/coats/seats/cover my ears/wrap my hands in etc etc etc.


MochaShots · 08/09/2022 16:49

So that's the Asda George jacket off the list of possibilities. Had high hopes, but still too scratchy for him 😫

Somebody has suggested a hunter jacket. I've ordered that now. How can I be so stressed over a bloody kids coat! :-D

OP posts:

IkaBaar · 08/09/2022 16:58

Would some of the Didriksons ones work? My dd is much younger, but her Waterman one is not scratchy at all. It’s so difficult to tell just looking online!

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