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Shoulder Ultrasound - Measuring bone size? Does this mean cancer? AIBU to worry?

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user0786 · 06/09/2022 16:55

Hi All,

So I'm just a bit worried about my dad. He had an ultrasound yesterday and the person doing the scan was measuring the size of his shoulder bone.

For background, he has pain in his shoulder. He's had this pain for a while and it's got progressively worse.

Does her measuring something mean that there's a growth/abnormality and it's cancer?

Im worried sick. He had it yesterday but we've still not heard back yet.


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user0786 · 06/09/2022 17:36


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Valeriekat · 11/09/2022 00:45

More likely to be arthritis or other soft tissue damage.

Renalmum · 11/09/2022 00:49

I agree with valeriekat. I had a scan for my hip pain and they were looking for osteoarthritis.

BirdWatch · 11/09/2022 01:37 That link describes what they do, and why. It sounds like your dad was getting a good scan. Best of luck to your dad.

Vapeyvapevape · 11/09/2022 01:48

it could be a rotator cuff tear and they're measuring how big it is . Or he could have fluid in the joint , they don't measure bones during an ultrasound (ex radiographer)

Carpy88999 · 11/09/2022 06:51

Is this your second thread? Almost identical to a post from a few days ago.

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