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To ask for a reduced price on the house after planning permission has expired

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Beepbopboogie · 06/09/2022 11:39

We viewed a property several months ago, offered asking price which was accepted.

The chain has taken absolutely ages (all upwards, us and our buyers have had no issues) and nothing has progressed beyond agreeing to buy the property.

The house was advertised as having planning permission but in actual fact, this expired a month after the house went up for sale and so is now a few months out of date.

Would it be unreasonable to ask for a reduction in the price of the property to reflect this? I've done a little research online and it seems planning permission can add up to 10% to the value of a property. Whilst we wouldn't dream of going this low, it has made us think maybe we paid over the odds for something that wasn't what it seemed and perhaps a small reduction would reflect what we're actually getting.

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Dotjones · 06/09/2022 11:41

Your decision is simple, which of these outcomes would be more annoying?

  1. You pay the previously agreed amount.
  2. You reduce your offer and the seller pulls out of the deal.
Beamur · 06/09/2022 11:41

If the initial price reflected a current planning permission, then YANBU.
If you want to go ahead with the work permission had been given for, I would check that policy hasn't changed in any way that might affect a further application.

MintJulia · 06/09/2022 11:42

It cost me £131 and a couple of hours paperwork to get planning permission for my extension. It probably wouldn't be hard to renew the permissions

I suspect you may lose the purchase if you push too hard.

LittleOwl153 · 06/09/2022 11:42

I would certainly take it into account. I'd check with the cou cilnas to whether planning would be extended. Tbh I'd probably go as far as expecting the sellers to reapply for the permission so that they are selling as listed or I would go for the 10% or more off depe ding on how likely permission was to be regranted.

MarianneVos · 06/09/2022 11:52

I'd be more concerned about why there has been no progress for several months. What is the hold up? Have you had the searches and survey done? Is your mortgage sorted? Are you just waiting for replies to enquiries?

If they offer to reapply for PP are you happy to delay even more?

Ohsugarhoneyicetea · 06/09/2022 12:49

The cost of planning permission is about £200, is that really worth bothering over? They could resubmit it if it bothers you, its highly unlikely to be refused.

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