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Impossible not to crease electric throws?

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hastalavista · 04/09/2022 21:19

Ok not v controversial or exciting but... I want to get an electric throw but I'm worried. They all say not to fold or crease them as the wiring can get bent or tangled causing a fire risk... but surely with a throw you dont have it completely flat? You do have it bunched up around you? Its expensive so I dont want to waste my money. TIA

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LaPerduta · 04/09/2022 21:23

I think you're possibly being a bit over-cautious here. Obviously don't screw it up into a ball, but if you buy it from a reputable company it will have had all the necessary safety checks.

Mine's from Lakeland and it's great. If you sign up to become a member they often have various vouchers/offers.

Xiaoxiong · 04/09/2022 21:27

They come folded up when you buy them, so I fold mine loosely back up into the clear plastic cover it came in and it's fine. I do make sure I don't put anything heavy on top of it when in the cupboard but apart from that it's fine. I think they're a lot more robust than they used to be - we have an old one at a summer house and it has proper stiff metal wires in it!! (I made my parents bin it as it was a total fire hazard).

hastalavista · 04/09/2022 21:30

Ok that's good. Thanks for replying. Think I'm going to get a dreamland one from lakeland. I presume u cant feel the wires on the new ones? I'm scared cos growing up there always seemed to be stories of grannies getting fried in the night. I've been dithering for ages and now it sees like a lot are out of stock. Lakeland ones seem to have gone up in my price or is that my imagination. Thank you.

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