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Tips for starting school

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Schoolstarter · 04/09/2022 00:36

DC is starting school on Tuesday. He's so excited but also struggles with separation a bit. He's had great settling in sessions but know it will hit him hard on the day.

Has anyone got any sage advice for the next two days/morning of/first week of school?

Any ideas to make his life a little less chaotic amongst such a huge change in his world?

He's happy with his school uniform, he knows how to work his new lunchbox, we've spoken loads about his last day at nursery and starting school. It's all positive from his side so far but I know it's going to hit him soon enough and I'd really appreciate any tips to make his first week as easy as possible.

I've got him his favourite breakfast in, trying to ask open ended questions about how he's feeling etc.

Not strictly Aibu but equally aibu to be so bloody emotional (he's my only and we won't be having any more) and anticipating a bit of a meltdown? (Haven't shown him any emotions beyond being positive about school so far).

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