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To feel anxious about work on Monday?

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TinaTeaspoons · 03/09/2022 22:57

Temporarily working at a different site. The manager is early 50's and is really odd in her behaviour. One minute, smiley and almost excitable, the next, she will-

  1. Respond with sarcasm so you can't even have a conversation with her.
  2. Will bang on the window of her office if someone hasn't gone to answer the front door in time and yell names of colleagues out angrily.
  3. Openly critical of us all as a team, calling us out on things publicly.

She is so Jekyll and Hyde that I cannot handle it. The team is under a lot of pressure right now but I feel tempted not to go back especially as she makes me feel so tense that I am worrying about going back on a Saturday night. Aibu ?
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Saracen · 04/09/2022 01:40

That is really tough. I would hate that! How long do you have to work with her?

TinaTeaspoons · 04/09/2022 15:26

Could be for a good few months yet. I'm feeling so anxious about tomorrow 😔

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balalake · 04/09/2022 15:42

If you did not go back, what would you do? Have an absence note from your doctor, seek to work at a different location, leave your job, or something else?

Everythingiscopy · 04/09/2022 15:56

I worked with someone like that. You could never predict his mood and it really affected me - moved jobs in the end, best decision I made. People like that are toxic.

TinaTeaspoons · 04/09/2022 21:20

Think I will have to say I can't go back there if it's bad again tomorrow. Anxiety is sky high right now 😔

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