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Anything to get rid of these lines?

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Googlethis · 03/09/2022 22:36

I'm 31 and I swear these under eye lines have literally appeared overnight. Funnily I had botox for crows' feet a few weeks ago and I've heard that it can cause lines to develop in other areas. But this badly?
I don't smoke, don't drink, suncream daily, use tretionin and moisturizer every night.
If anyone has any tips for getting rid of these lines I'd be grateful!
Also excuse the messy eyebrows, I'm getting them waxed next payday.

Anything to get rid of these lines?
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ScarlettSunset · 03/09/2022 22:39

I wouldn't even notice those lines on someone

Googlethis · 03/09/2022 22:40

You're right that they're probably far more noticeable to me than they are to anyone else. But I was looking in the gym mirror earlier with a bright light and they seemed very obvious.

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MaryHoldTheCandleSteadyWhileIShaveTheChickensLeg · 03/09/2022 22:48

That's just a completely normal looking eye.

Stop picking yourself apart or it'll never end.

Relocatiorelocation · 03/09/2022 22:49

You're eyes are grand.. botox has never made lines appear in other places for me.

Maybe get a few wearly nights if you're not feeling top form x

declutteringmymind · 03/09/2022 22:55

It's the Botox. When I get my crows feet done I get thick creases as the muscles pull in different directions once the muscles around the eye stop moving. I end up looking tired if the practitioner overdoes it. Monitor them closely and see if they improve as your Botox wears off.

declutteringmymind · 03/09/2022 22:58
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