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To quit my job?

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Whatalife88 · 02/09/2022 19:32

Hi all,

Back story is this, I have had anxiety and various mental health issues since I was a teenager due to childhood abuse and neglect. I also have fibromyalgia and potentially ME. I got a job at the beginning of the year. It's part time (couple hours per day) and the reason I applied for this job and took it was because it wasn't too many hours and it would get me out of the house (I have a toddler at home and financially we are not much better off really), however, since started the job, my mental health has gone the opposite way to what it was like before I took the job and to what I wanted. My anxiety is at an all time high, so much so I am going light headed on the way to work and almost falling, I'm also having severe episodes of de realisation that only stop when I'm on a weeks plus holiday from work. I'm currently having high intensity cbt but doctor won't put me on anymore meds at the moment as I've had so many. The cbt is having no affect (I've had it twice before this to no avail too). I don't want to let myself or family down by quitting and I want to show my daughter a good role model but am I doing myself more harm than good? Forgot to mention my physical health has also got worse. More pain and symptoms. In my ideal world if I can't make my illnesses go away I would love to stay at home and foster animals as a way of doing something I enjoy and to give something back but my husband won't allow it. What would you do?

OP posts:
BlueKaftan · 02/09/2022 19:38

It really sounds like your mental health issues aren’t fully being addressed and supported. Screw your husband. Perhaps you need a full meds review with your GP and to look into getting PIP?

RedHelenB · 02/09/2022 19:41

I'd try to stick it out a bit longer. Working is generally good for your mental wellbeing. Be proud of yourself for conquering your fears.

user1471457751 · 02/09/2022 19:41

@BlueKaftan really 'screw your husband' because he doesn't want to have foster animals in his home? It's his home too and he would be the one paying for it

Whatalife88 · 02/09/2022 19:44

I haven't applied for PIP thus far because I was hoping I wouldn't need to do so. I also feel like I'd be admittinf defeat once I started that process, not to mention how difficult it is to claim it.

OP posts:
cansu · 02/09/2022 19:52

Work is in itself stressful especially if you have medical or psychological issues. That said you may need to think about what you need as a family as well. If your husband is generally a dick and isn't helpful, then you might need to consider whether this is making things worse. However your husband may also think that a small amount of paid work is helpful for the family income. Is there another job that would be less stressful? Do you need the income from your job? I also think that sometimes if you have been out of work for a while it takes time to get to grips with it and the impact it has on you.

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