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To expect to be able to buy a mobile incoming call only phone for mother with dementia?

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Mxflamingnoravera · 02/09/2022 14:07

My mum has dementia she has recently moved into a new care home that don't seem to be set up for being able to call my mother in between visits.
She had a doro but used it to call me twenty plus times a day and I had to remove it from her because I was getting no sleep.
The new home doesn't seem to have a system set up to be able to call residents except by mobile phone owned by the resident. So I need a phone that cannot be used to make outgoing calls and is simple to use. A smart phone is no use for her she's beyond learning how to use it.
My aunt and I both need ti call her, my aunt only has a landline and is 83 herself and will not consider a smartphone or iPad for face time (and I'd have ti drive hundreds of miles to set it up for her which I just cannot do).
Is there an incoming only phone that would work for our needs? Or ami expecting something uninventable!

OP posts:

QuirkyLirky · 02/09/2022 18:56

Not quite what you asked but this Door phone was perfect for a relative with dementia - Doro Phone


Newusername5678 · 02/09/2022 18:58

Buy a payg phone and add no credit, so she won't be able to call out but will still be able to receive them?


FourOclock · 02/09/2022 19:11

Do people just not bother reading threads properly anymore?


JesusInTheCabbageVan · 02/09/2022 21:45

Did they ever? Grin


Onlyforcake · 02/09/2022 21:47

You could try komp which is a photo sharing, video calling system with a screen where you can have a device to watch calls etc (only need to answer).


Onlyforcake · 02/09/2022 21:49

Oh never mind, I see you've solved it.


SE13Mummy · 02/09/2022 22:00

Have a look at ownfone. You get to select numbers that are preprogrammed into the phone so in theory, it would be possible to choose a single number e.g. the care home switchboard or ask for it to be programmed without any numbers. There is an option to connect it with a telecare provider but if the home is happy to take charge of the phone overnight, that wouldn't be needed. And if she kept dialling the home switchboard, that would be a good reminder to confiscate it overnight!

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