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Not to claim anything from child mother

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takeagamble · 31/08/2022 21:23

Current arrangement child who is older teen decided who house they want to be at no strict arrangement in place.

Parent A, claims Child benefit, and other state benefits. Buys Christmas and birthdays present mostly to higher value than the other parent. Doesn't claim Child support. Was the resident parent in earlier years. However this has changed in the last three years.

Parent B earns above the threshold for state benefits, pays for all new clothes, Christmas present and birthdays presents. Pay for phone contract and pocket money.

Parent A this year has had the child with them 40% of the time Parent B has had the child with them 60%. Year before parent A 46% parent B 54%. 2020 parent A 21% parent B 79% (due to lockdowns).

The normal arrangement is that both parents pay half on uniform. Last year became a debate and parent A refused to pay an equal
Amount as they couldn't afford it. Parent B made up the shortfall, with the agreement to switch next year, roll round to this year parent A is now asking for same as last year.

Is parent B being unreasonable by refusing to pay above 50% of the cost of the inform. Is parent A being unreasonable to request that parent B starts to make payment through child support instead unless parents A demands are met.

Both are equal in income terms. Parent A is entitled to state support due to single status parent B lives with a partner.

Child is only entitled "legal support for another school year" but an agreement has reached that child will remain with parent B during university and be supported there.

Who is being Unreasonable?

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