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to be annoyed with my dental practice?

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MsHighwater · 09/01/2008 21:57

I received a terse letter from the practice cancelling my checkup appointment next month ("Please note the cancellation of your appointment" - not even a "We regret,..."). Apparently my dentist is going off on maternity leave - which is lovely, as is she.

However, it goes on to say that they can't give me another appointment and expect me to wait until "later in the year" when she returns from maternity leave.

I'm p*ssed off. Am I right to be?

OP posts:

TabithaTwitchett · 10/01/2008 00:41

Yes. My dh is always getting letters like this though his dentist is usually 'on a course' or similar. Surely if she is on maternity she has a reaplacement or another dentist in the practice?


chipmonkey · 10/01/2008 01:04

Does she not have someone to cover for her while on ML?


MsHighwater · 10/01/2008 16:33

I can't think of a good reason for them not to recruit someone to cover her maternity leave. In fairness, the letter makes clear that I can see another dentist if I have a problem with my teeth but I'm angry that they spend all their time lecturing about the importance of regular checkups and then do this!

It's not as though it's an impoverished practice. Although I'm an NHS patient, they have "diversified" into all sorts of related private stuff including "lip enhancements". I really wanted to ask whether I'd be getting another checkup appointment if I was a private patient but I'm not comfortable enough with confrontation to do that.

I was there today with my dd (2.6) and they didn't, as they usually do, make a return appointment for her in 6 months for the same reason.

I'm thinking about looking for another practice closer to home if I can find one with space for us. Once I do, I'll send a snotty letter. It'll be a shame because the dentist herself is really good and really nice but I feel badly treated.

OP posts:

louii · 10/01/2008 16:34

Lucky that you have a dentist at all.


glaskham · 10/01/2008 16:39

i've been on a waiting list for all the dentists in the area since i moved here 2 years ago!! and have been told that if any of us have problems to go to the emergency dentist!! i have myself, dh, ds 3yo and dd 21mths who all need a check-up but haven't got one yet!!

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