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To our neighbours use of the road

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weirdbird · 06/01/2008 22:11

I know another parking thread, but this one is abit different and I genuinely can't work out if I am being unreasonable to start getting really hacked off over this.

One of the neighbours further down our road, is obviously running a business from there house selling cars, they park them all down our road, maybe 10 at any one time (its not as big a problem as you might think as nearly all the houses have driveways) but am just getting so fed up off having a car parked outside our house for a few weeks, having people constantly standing out there looking it over, quite often parking across our driveway while they do, then after a while that ones goes and within a few days a new one appears.

AIBU to think that if he wants to run a business selling cars he should pay for some land to park them all on?

It didn't bother me to start with, but DD2 is a really light sleeper and of course they want to listen to the engine and often give it a rev or 5, and its enough to wake her up from her nap, now obviously this happens sometimes anyway with people coming and going from the houses, but it happens far more than the norm because he parks his cars for sale outside the house.

OP posts:

Saturn74 · 06/01/2008 22:12

Very unreasonable of neighbour.
Contact council re regulations, as I'm sure it's not allowed.


Jackstini · 06/01/2008 22:13

YANBU - it's illegal, report them.


lazarou · 06/01/2008 22:14

We have this as well. Dodgy cars parked all up the road with no tax. Phone the council and ask them to put yellow lines along the road so nobody can park there. A bit extreme maybe, but you have a driveway so it's not your problem.


paros · 06/01/2008 22:19

Maybe have a quiet word with him and ask him not to park outside your house regarding the baby .


weirdbird · 06/01/2008 22:20

Who would I report them to?

Wouldnt want to have yellow lines down cause its very useful when you have visitors and there are a few houses without drives.

They have tax and to start with I just thought he was selling his own cars but no one could go through as many cars as this man does.

OP posts:

madrose · 06/01/2008 22:21

get in touch with the VAT people - bet he's not registered


WendyWeber · 06/01/2008 22:22

Unlicensed street trading = illegal if I read this right.

Shop him


Jackstini · 06/01/2008 22:22

Think it is something to do with running a business from home that extends on what is essentially council property (the road) but not sure
Would call CAB in morning and ask them


WendyWeber · 06/01/2008 22:23

Ring your local council and ask for their Street Services Team - or maybe start with Trading Standards?


WendyWeber · 06/01/2008 22:25

"it is an offence to sell, offer or advertise for sale, any vehicle on the road without having a street trading licence and future offences will be prosecuted."

And that guy did at least have sales premises as well - he was just extending into the road - your bloke is just using the road by the sound of things.

Do they have for sale signs in them, or is he selling them in a way that makes people think he is selling his own car rather than dealing?

Because if he is making it look as if he isn't a dealer, that's another offence.


discoverlife · 06/01/2008 22:26

A quiet word to the council will start the ball rolling and then the Taxman and then the VAT man. grad his B**ls and squeeze, the inconsiderate noob. He is also driving down your house price.


discoverlife · 06/01/2008 22:27



weirdbird · 06/01/2008 22:44

WW - No they don't have for sale signs so I presume he is advertising them online or in a paper. Its why at first I didn't realise he was running a business.

OP posts:

tealady · 06/01/2008 22:47

I'm pretty sure that the Planning enforcement officer at your local council would look into this for you as it is not allowed from a residential property.

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