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to let the DDs ride their new bikes through the house?

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TheDuchessOfNorksBride · 31/12/2007 14:36

A visitor has just looked at me as if I'm a mad woman. But the bikes are new and shiny and clean and the girls are only 3 & 6 so hardly racing about or attempting to do an Italian Job down the staircase.

And if they go outside, I'll have to go out too. [bugger that emoticon]

OP posts:

hanaflower · 31/12/2007 14:38

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dooley1 · 31/12/2007 14:42

well if they have never been outside then I don't see the problem
(the bikes not the girls!!)


glaskham · 31/12/2007 14:42

nah...ds age3 has been riding his scooter round the house and its even gone outside once too!!mi'm not bothered, i hoovered any mess it made afer going out, and its a presenthe LOVES to play with!! my parents even got him one to stay at their house for xmas and even allowed him to ride it round their house....which is not so child friendly like mine!!


OhLITTLEFISHofBethlehem · 31/12/2007 14:42

I did this too when dd's bike was new . She knew it was a real treat!


HuwEdwards · 31/12/2007 14:43

Problem is, you set a precedent.


pinkbubble · 31/12/2007 14:43

We have a nice long hallway with laminate flooring, great for letting the girls heelie up and down!


StephenCordeliaCod · 31/12/2007 14:43

you will regret it


Hulababy · 31/12/2007 15:03

When we were in the partment and has a big open plan living area with laminate flooring, we let DD ride her new tricycle, then scooter and then bike in there. But once they'd been outside she knew she wasn't allowed any more.


TheDuchessOfNorksBride · 31/12/2007 15:33

They won't throw tantrums when they can't do it. It's a 'Christmas special' and they know it.

OP posts:

cleaninglady · 31/12/2007 15:47

its a christmas treat and not doing any harm so cant see the problem! we have a large hall my ds rides his trike up and down and DD would bring her bike in if i would let her but its mucky from outside!


purpleduck · 31/12/2007 15:49

We have a longish hallway with laminate floor - both my kids learned to ride their bikes there, they rollerblade there, and are right now, at this minute riding their scooters up and down it.
I think its great, they get excercise, even if its pouring down. Love it Also, they get WAY more use out of them this way.


ChasingSquirrels · 31/12/2007 15:52

ds1 did when he first got his (he was 3y3m), it was before it had gone outside and he knew once it went outside it wasn't coming in again. It wasn't a problem and he never asked for it inside afterwards.


Alambil · 31/12/2007 15:55

If the house is big enough ( if it is!) then I'd let them - what harm will they come to? Not like they are traipsing mud in.


belgo · 31/12/2007 15:56

my dd1 (nearly four) rides her bike in the house - it still has stabilizers.


ATortIsForLifeNotJustChristmas · 31/12/2007 15:58

I am ! Wish my house was big enough. Sounds like great fun for them.


chocolateteapot · 31/12/2007 15:58

DS has been welded to his scooter since it came. He knows he can have it in here until he goes back to nursery, then it will have to go outside. I am with you on the going outside emoticon, tried that earlier and got wet.


Threadworm · 31/12/2007 15:58

It's a good idea. Except if you are the caretakers of a very big spooky snowed-in hotel on Native American sacred ground.


TheDuchessOfNorksBride · 31/12/2007 15:59

We're having a drinks party later, I'm thinking of putting the wine bottles in their bicycle baskets so they can cycle around the house offering top-ups to the guests.

OP posts:

belgo · 31/12/2007 16:01

lol - great idea


TheDuchessOfNorksBride · 31/12/2007 16:01

Threadworm - DD1 has friends at school who are twins and look the dead-spit of the Shining pair. They absolutely terrify me!

OP posts:

Threadworm · 31/12/2007 16:03

Don't let your dcs peddle around the house when The Twins are there.


ADDICTEDtosayingHAAAAAAAPYxmas · 31/12/2007 16:08

i think i'd do it even if they'd been outside as long as the wheels weren't terribly muddy if they were dirtier than i'd like i'd just give them a quick wipe over.


glastocat · 31/12/2007 16:10

I went to university with one of the twins out of the Shining. She was really quite creepy and had to sleep with the light on all night.


helenhismadwife · 01/01/2008 19:36

my girls are riding their bikes inside at the moment its to cold for me to be outside


FairyTaleOfNewYork · 01/01/2008 19:37

i used to rollerskate on the kitchen floor.

my dad didnt like it as it left wheel marks, but they did wash off.

when i got older i would wash the floor afterwards

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