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To smash up DS's new mobile phone cos I can't work it?

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nuttynoel · 29/12/2007 14:10

OK, maybe this is a thinly-disguised call for help. I don't know where else to post this. I been fiddling with this since Boxing Day, and I feel like boxing it up and chucking it out.
Get DS(13)one of these Walkman phones for Xmas. He thrilled, Me smug (got pressie right for once).
I download software to start adding music from computer. Computer say all well, 5 tracks transferred. So where is the effing music on the phone?
Please take pity on a really nice lad. He's such a great kid and he only wants to listen to his fave 'Walking on Sunshine' on his shiny new phone.
Suggestions for buttons to press, websites to visit, etc gratefully received from you techno-whizzs out there.

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glinda · 29/12/2007 15:23

No help but loads of sympathy from a complete technical failure.
In the last couple of days I have battled with a dodgy wii, A wireless laptop connection that only connects when it feels like it, a car with a flat battery and I took 6 hours to set up a new e mail account!!!!
Do you think I am going wrong somewhere?
Good luck with the mobile.


pyjamagirl · 29/12/2007 15:26

My dp has one hang on and I'll ask him


cheeset · 29/12/2007 15:26

What phone has he got? The tunes may be in 'media Album'?


pyjamagirl · 29/12/2007 15:30

Did you get a memory stick and a holdre for the stick which you can plug straight into pc?

He used these and din't bother with software if you have Xp you should just be able to transfer it using windows media player

His music is stored on the phone under my music to switch it on there should be a walkman sign on the top of the phone next to the off button

hope this helps x


nuttynoel · 29/12/2007 16:23

Ooh PJgirl blimey that sounds easy.
He's got a little thingy in the side of the phone that may well be a memory stick. I'll have a look at Sony accessories and see if I can get a direct plug in thingy.
I must say the software is not very user friendly and I'm going to email Sony about this rather than just moan on here!

OP posts:

pyjamagirl · 29/12/2007 16:36

Are you sure there isn't one already with the phone ? When Dp got his I thought they had sent him a free mp3 player

Hope you get it sorted x


FatBellyHoHoHo · 29/12/2007 16:47

did you not get a cd with the phone? if not there is a great piece of software called disc2phone which is basically drag and drop from pc to phone.. it was on the cd with mine and I used the usb cable to do it. Also be very careful that you don't disconnect the phone without closing the software first as it can wipe the phone and you end up with a v expensive brick! if that does happen, you can get it reset for about 20 quid


nuttynoel · 29/12/2007 16:54

No, the only relevant wire goes from the USB on the comp. into the phone itself. What I am looking for is USB to card reader?
That makes perfect sense to me, now

OP posts:

FatBellyHoHoHo · 29/12/2007 16:59

nutty, that usb lead should then show the phone as 2 new drives, the phone memory itself and the memory card. I don't have mine anymore to check (gave it to my son) but from memory if you plug that usb in to the phone and pc then look under My Computer, after a few seconds you should have the two new drives showing?

You can then explore them just as you could any other drive/disc you put in


iliketojinglethembells · 29/12/2007 23:35

what phone model is it? i had a walkman phone and may be able to help you

if it is a sony ericsson try looking in the media folder and then the ringtones folder as they can be sneaky.

even stuff from the memory card should go there.


fireflyfairy2 · 29/12/2007 23:47

Mine is Sony Ericsson.

Is there a play/pause button on the side of the phone?

Or: flip it open (depending on model I suppose) press the menu button & go to the Walkman button.


nuttynoel · 30/12/2007 06:31

Thank you all for your help.
Pleased to report I approached this with a fresh mind and a v.large vodka & coke last night. He now has 29 songs on it!!!

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