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... to feel extremely happy ex finally has got his come-upance (sp)??

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juicychops · 28/12/2007 18:39

ex treated me terribly when we were together. lots of mental and physical abuse of all kinds. was a shit dad from the start to our ds, had 2 affairs one when i was heavily pg and then when ds was 11months. Then he left me for the other woman (18yr old girl!) He hasn't seen ds for coming up to 2 years. He owes me £1000s in csa as he keeps leaving jobs so as to avoid paying.

Anyway, 2 months ago he and his girlfriend had another baby. Found out on xmas day that his girlfriend has left him and taken the baby and for some reason he isn't allowed to see the baby. and also he has now got to move back in with his parents as his flat is being re-posessed

i feel very happy that at last he is having a shit time and going through a fraction of what he put me through.

i dont want to be too smug incase that comes back on me, but is this karma?

OP posts:

lou33 · 28/12/2007 18:46

they do say what goes round comes around


Shaniece · 28/12/2007 18:51

ditto what lou33 said.


NAB3wishesfor2008 · 28/12/2007 18:53

Poor child


juuule · 28/12/2007 20:13


Elasticwoman · 28/12/2007 20:26

At last some one has stood up to him.

People will give you the behaviour they can get away with. I hope you will find some one better next time, if there is a next time.


GirlySquare · 28/12/2007 20:29

ditto lou33 and NAB3wishesfor2008. You have every right to feel happy he is having a s**t time although in my opinion he should be out on the streets not being bailed out by mum and dad.


lottiejenkins · 28/12/2007 20:29

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Ubergeekian · 28/12/2007 22:44

Think of it as final confirmation - if you needed it - that you were not to blame for what happened between you.

And yes, go on, have a good laugh.


allgonebellyup · 29/12/2007 14:01

Wish my ex would have a bit of bad karma.. although he was never a twat really, he has just moved on too quickly for my liking!

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