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to expect people to keep their mouths shut when i've told them something in confidence?

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LolaTheShowgirl · 26/12/2007 19:33

We was at a get-together at my aunt's house today. It was really nice except my uncle, who regularly drinks to the point he's becoming reliant on alcohol gets really verbally agressive when drunk but when sober, he's really nice. I was helping myself to some food and he passed me a jar of pickles and said "open that, will you sumo" reference to me being a sumo. I am rather large and this comment stung at the time but i'm over it now but as me and my mum was dicussing the party on the way home just now, I mentioned what he said and she's said she's going to call him and tell him exactly what he said and what a monster he is. I don't want any trouble and would prefer if it was left alone now as it doesn't bother me. I don't see him that often and when I do he's usually sober and nice. I just wish she would keep her oar out of it, rather than cause me grief.

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JingleBelgoHoHoHo · 26/12/2007 19:35

Your mum just wants to stick up for you, but I understand why you don't want her to say anything.

What a horrible thing for your uncle to call you.


foxinsocks · 26/12/2007 19:36

yes, she's being protective.

Is it her brother? If so, she probably just wants to give him a kick up the arse.


LolaTheShowgirl · 26/12/2007 19:38

Thanks for your replies. Yes, it's her brother. I just don't want to cause trouble.

OP posts:

MulledWino · 26/12/2007 19:39

Ugh, poor you Lola. I have a vision of Bridget Jones's mother's turkey curry buffet, complete with cringable uncle!!


discoverlife · 26/12/2007 19:41

Who is causing the trouble? You for mentioning it, or your stupid uncle for being so insensitive. I would be happy for my Mum to mention such crass behavior to a member of the family. It may give them a reason to correct their behaviour.


WigWamBam · 26/12/2007 20:02

Does he not remember his behaviour when he sobers up? If not then maybe it's time someone told him what he's like - perhaps it will make him buck his ideas up.


bahKewcHumbug · 26/12/2007 21:41

I really don't think that telling someone they were insensitive is causing trouble - don;t be self-deprecating no-one should expect to be called name even in a misguided attempt at humour.

I would let you mum say something to him but ask her not to be confrontational about it. I wouldn;t hesitate to tackle my bro if he said something I found offensive about DS - armies would not hold me back!


CoteDAzur · 26/12/2007 21:50

In my experience, the only way to keep something a secret is not to tell anybody about it. Everybody talks. Even if the issue is not an emotional one which concerns their loved one. Which this is not.

If your own brother insulted your daughter, would you really be able to not say anything to him? If you are sure you would be able to "keep your mouth shut" in this situation, have a chat about privacy and respect with your mother.


lojomamma · 27/12/2007 01:48

No matter how old you are she is your mam and wnts to protect you. She wants to do this for you out of love.

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