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to tell off santa?

23 replies

moljam · 21/12/2007 15:44

a local group comes round once a year with santa in his sleigh giving the local children satsumas-very nice.but last night(different day each year so no idea he was coming)he came at 9pm.ds2 had been in bed since 6.30,dd and ds1 since 7.30.the man shock his charity box and said 'sleigh'.i said my children are all in bed and have been for ages ,as im sure lots of local children are at 9pm.he said im sure they are but continued to hold out box.i said theyll be upset and diappionted to have missed santa.he said we'll come next year to which i replied so shall i keep all 3 up to 9pm every night next do you think ive ruined xmas?will santa still come on xmas eve?
silly man
so ive fallen out with the fat man in a red suit.

OP posts:

Weegle · 21/12/2007 15:49

that's so funny - you had an argument with Santa!

sorry. YANBU - why so late?!


AndATigerschickInAPearTree · 21/12/2007 15:54

YANBU - that is too late. If he came here at that time last night he'd have found us all in bed!!


moljam · 21/12/2007 15:55

said he had lots of houses to visit.dh said i'll be punished with lump of coal in stockingor they just wont visit out dc next year

OP posts:

TwinklyfLightAttendant · 21/12/2007 15:58

Oh it will be Ok, I had a strop at ours one year when Ds1 was about 7 months old. They turned up, flashed down the street like lightning, so by the time I got to the door with Ds they were 200m away and refused to come back!!!
I gave him his blimming 20p but had a bit of a cross look on my face. Poor Ds had no idea what it was all about

Santa still came that year though...I guess it hadn't filtered back to him, or maybe he was sorry and making up for his disappearing act...


moljam · 21/12/2007 16:01

i ignored the charity box.very naughty

OP posts:

TwinklyfLightAttendant · 21/12/2007 16:02

No, I wish I hadn't parted with 20p! I was so angry!
Totally reasonable of you, what do they expect!


nametaken · 21/12/2007 16:51

Let not forget that the people who do this are giving up their time to raise money for charity.


TwinklyfLightAttendant · 21/12/2007 17:37

Well yes, of course it was for a good cause, but they need to make up their minds...if the pretext for asking for donations is the fact that your children will be ebtranced by a beautiful sleigh and santa costue, I think they ought really to let your children see said sleigh. otherwise it is just disingenuous


Cappuccino · 21/12/2007 17:40

a charity group stood in our local Asda the other year with a thin 23-year-old dressed up as santa who kept pulling his beard down to take sips of tea

another one handed my dd a packet of haribo and said 'Here yare'

crap santas I don't care if they do give their time for free they make me see red (ho ho ho)


nametaken · 21/12/2007 18:15

perhaps you lot could organise the fund raising next year then - I'm sure you do a much better job of it and raise thousands for good causes.

baah humbug the lot of yah


coolkat · 21/12/2007 18:31

I can understand your frustration but please bear in mind these people have perhaps been out on there feet for hours collecting money for those that are needy, if everyone just gave a few pence it still adds up. Whilst I agree it is late they have to start the evening somewhere and finish somewhere.

(note why I am sat in the warm tonight after walking miles last night following Santa's sleigh with a charity box I sent DH on hs own )

YABU - Sorry much worse things to worry about - perhaps you should take your DC to a garden centre or somewhere and pay through the roof to see him.

Merry Christmas X


moljam · 21/12/2007 20:46

coolkat ,fair enough but if there calling at 9pm why bother bringing the sleigh,no children to see it,santa could have gone home to bed.

you are right we all have much worse things to think about.

OP posts:

TwinklyfLightAttendant · 22/12/2007 06:04

I hate to think my taking offence at the attitude of some frankly rude people to whom I did donate some change, would offend anyone in turn.

I would have been happy about it if they had said, 'Oh, sorry, I'm sorry your child didn't see it as we went past at 30 miles an hour (they did) and that the sleigh has now stopped to wait for us collectors in a car park 200m away, not I hasten to add surrounded by anyone's children, but sitting in a carpark waiting for the collectors to catch up'

But no, they didn't, they just said nothing and looked at me like I was insane for exclaiming in a jokey way, 'Oh no, Ds missed it! Are they coming back this way?'

I was genuinely perplexed by the whole thing, and I only resented the fact I got a blank stare in return. It made no sense to me, of course I know they were 'doing their bit' for people who needed their help, but it was just so odd.

I am sorry if I am getting it all wrong but I really would think they wanted the children, some children, Ok a child to see the sleigh after they had bothered to bring it.

That's all.
I feel quite jumped on on this thread. It wasn't an attack on people doing charity work. It was an expression of bewilderment at their rudeness. Which IMO was totally unnecessary.


TwinklyfLightAttendant · 22/12/2007 06:08

And Coolkat, I admire your stamina, and certainly would find it very hard work to do it myself. I understand that and appreciate that we might sound fussy.
Hope you have a Happy Christmas too.


moljam · 22/12/2007 09:07

TwinklyfLightAttendant quite agree with your 6.04 post.why were you up so early?????

OP posts:

TwinklyfLightAttendant · 22/12/2007 11:45

Thanks Mol, I am glad you are around!

We are always up that early, we share a bed (me, four year old and 6 month old) so, well you can guess what it's like!

Have a happy Christmas if I don't 'see' you before Tues x


coolkat · 22/12/2007 12:17

You are quite right there is no reason to have been rude. I was not jumping on you merely highlighting it from both sides.

I hope you and your children have a good christmas.


Earlybird · 22/12/2007 13:47

Oh Cappuccino - thanks for the good laugh!

The Santa we saw this year had on a grubby vest visible 'round the neck of his red suit. He also was wearing a strange strand of 'lovebeads'.

I have thoughts that some of these Santas are complete social misfits who only work a few weeks of the year because they have the right 'look'.....


Pebblemum · 22/12/2007 14:45

Santa came around here in November He was nice though, he saw us all standing at the end of the road waiting for him but his sleigh wasnt working (the music packed up lol) and so he got out and walked up to see the children.

I dont understand why they came around in November, it totally confused the younger ones who thought it meant it was Christnas then but at least they got to see him before.


soopermum1 · 22/12/2007 14:57

i nearly fell out with santa at our xmas fayre. i was organising the photos and santa accused me of never going to mass coz he'd nver seen me there. would have been a funny sight me rowing with santa if it had kicked off. the funny thing was i didn't know hiis name, so kept just having to call him 'santa'. very odd situation.


nametaken · 22/12/2007 15:15

how unbelievably rude soopermum1 - he was there to be Santa to the children - not lecture the adults on mass attendance.

You should have grabbed his beard and twanged it on his chin as hard as you could


moljam · 22/12/2007 15:41

TwinklyfLightAttendant,i miss cosleeping.ds stopped around 1 or 1.5 i think-his choice!
merry christmas to you too,have good day!soopermum1what on earth did it have to do with him?

OP posts:

tassisssss · 22/12/2007 15:42

9pm's ridiculously late.

our rotary club santa on his lovely sleigh came at 7.45pm and our wee ones missed him too. shame.

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