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to shout at dp because he forgot perscription?

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Theghostofchristmaspyjamas · 20/12/2007 14:23

Beginning of the week dp says to me "I will have to put my prescription in"

This is the only thing I ask him to remember each month for himself and DD who ahs very mild asthma.

Today I asked if he had got them

"No I forgot"

So I shouted at him a bit then he said he would pick them up on monday when he is working .

Then he said
"Well you will have to deal with it"
and stormed out

Now I know dd is my responsibility but why should I have to sort his perscriptions out ?
I'm not his mother and last month I ended up at the emergency pharmacy because he had forgot again and ran out on a Sunday morning.

It now looks like I will be trailing 5 dc to the chemist on Christmas eve
and no I'm not a coldhearted bitch I just think he should remember something so important

OP posts:

Theghostofchristmaspyjamas · 20/12/2007 14:24

oh and the dr's is literally two minutes away so not like it's out of his way

OP posts:

nametaken · 20/12/2007 14:30

just sort out your DD's prescription and let your oh worry about his.


FairyTaleOfNewYork · 20/12/2007 14:32

I sort out dh perscriptions and dd's. if dh has one that needs doing i check the kdis inhalers and creams to see if they need new stuff, and about once a month i need to get something for the kids.

has he put them in at the docs? or not at all?


Cappuccino · 20/12/2007 14:32

isn't there a local chemist who do pick-ups and deliveries?

we solved the endless parade of empty inhalers this way

you ring em up, they get it, they bring it to your house, no charge


micci25 · 20/12/2007 14:37

thats just men for you! i have to sort out m y dp's epiliepsy meds and he shouts at me if i forget!!! even though i tell him time and time again its his responsibility!

i would have shouted too but i dont think men are capable of doing such things for themselves! leave him to sort his he is an adult if he runs out then he will have to go to emergency chemist himself! it might teach him! although it didnt with my dp!

sort out your dc's yourself!


seeker · 20/12/2007 14:39

He's working on Christmas Eve? Would it be a big problem for you to get it for him?


Cappuccino · 20/12/2007 14:43

mmm yes am with seeker really

it is far more stressful for me to try to sleep next to a wheezing & coughing dh, and to be awoken by the sounds of my ezcema-suffering 2 year old scratching her arm off, and to continue having conversations along the lines of "will you go the chemist ffs you are a grown man", than to ask him once a month if he needs a new inhaler and go order him one

it is not very feminist I know

but at least I can sleep at night


seeker · 20/12/2007 15:02

ONLY because it's Christmas, though!


SelfishMrsClaus · 20/12/2007 15:06

Jeez.. why can't it be picked up tomorrow or Saturday?

Do you never have to leave the house between now & C'mas day? If so, surely it wouldn't be too hard to pick it up for him.....

I have just driven 3 miles to another town to pick up dh's granny's prescriptions, taking 2 sick children with me!

I can never understand people who are unwilling to help people out.


VictorianSqualor · 20/12/2007 15:10

He's still got a few days to get them. Is there not an out-of-hours you could send him to tonight??
We went to sainsburys at 8pm last ngiht to pick one up for DS.


susiecutiemincepies · 20/12/2007 15:12

not wanting to pick on you too much... but... DD is HIS responsibility too!!!

That aside, I think i'm afraid YABU.... Whats the big deal really? I just do anyhting that need doing on our house. If I can do, then I will. I cant be bothered with principles about things like this. It is about his health after all, surely you dont want him to be ill do you? Just pop down there yourself, whilst getting DDs and get his too... go on... dont be a big meany


Theghostofchristmaspyjamas · 20/12/2007 15:15

Because the doctors is shut this afternoon and he needs to put in the perscription .

Because You have to wait 24 hours from ordering the cript to collecting.

Because of course I have to leave the house but I do not fancy walking to the chemist with 5 dc because he couldn't be arsed to sort it out when I have much nicer things planned for Christmas eve.

Also of course I am going to sort it out I would not leave him to go without importanrt meds through Christmas and if you read my op properly you will see I had no intention of doing this I was just annoyed that he walks past the dr's every day and forgot quite reasonable IMO

OP posts:

GrimmaTheNome · 20/12/2007 15:21

The problem isn't that he forgot this once... its that evidently he keeps forgetting and isn't taking proper responsibility for his own health.

Pick it up this time, in spirit of xmas generosity, but in future - can he set up an automated reminder on computer or suchlike?


Theghostofchristmaspyjamas · 20/12/2007 15:25

I have already sorted it a receptionist that is working late at dr's today answered the door she has put the script in and I can pick up tomorrow .
Just wish he would take a bit more responsibility with it .

OP posts:

susiecutiemincepies · 20/12/2007 17:26

erm... please dont take your angst out on me.

I was just giving you an opinion, perfectly nicely, and l was actually being light hearted. I did of course read your OP. if you ask for an opinion, you will get may also not be the same as yours, no need to get like that wit me thank you. I wont answer in the future.


Theghostofchristmaspyjamas · 20/12/2007 17:34

Actually susie I was more angry about mrs claus post then yours I actually thought yours was quite reasonable TBH

OP posts:

susiecutiemincepies · 20/12/2007 17:51

ah.. ghost jim jams. thats ok then

i really ought not be posting the last few days, i've been taking it the wrong way FAR too much. something to do with tooth being cut out and being sore and having terrible back pain.... which i keep telling every one and any one who will listen... my 11month DD doesn't seem to understand for some reason

Theghostofchristmaspyjamas · 20/12/2007 17:58

No worries lol hope you feel better soon

OP posts:

SelfishMrsClaus · 20/12/2007 19:44

Why were you angry at mine?

You asked if you were being unreasonable. I said yay...... as did others.


lennygirl · 20/12/2007 19:47

Message withdrawn


SelfishMrsClaus · 20/12/2007 20:06

Harsh... OK

You being perfectly reasonable.

Merry Christmas


Surfermum · 20/12/2007 20:13

I would be cross too. If he walks past the doctors every day, there is no reason why he can't call in and sort it out.

He's a fully grown man and should be perfectly capable of remembering to request his own prescriptions.


Theghostofchristmaspyjamas · 20/12/2007 22:47

The reason I was angry with you mrs claus was because of this comment you made

"I can never understand people who are unwilling to help people out. "

Rude and out of order IMO as I never stated anywhere that. I wasn't going to help him he is my dp! I was just angry that he hadn't sorted it
himself and now with 4 days before Christmas I have to deal with it and it may not seem like a big deal but I dont have a a car and I have a million and one other things to do .

OP posts:

SelfishMrsClaus · 20/12/2007 23:13

Chill out.

I sometimes don't realise how stressed other people's lives can be.

Merry C'mas & I hope the prescription is sorted & you don't have an asthmatic dp on your hands over C'mas

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