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to think that, when our sole method of heating the house is a coal fire, that dp could LEAVE A LIGHTER IN THE HOUSE?

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SquonkaClaus · 18/12/2007 10:30


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harpsichordcarrier · 18/12/2007 10:30

do you have a tinderbox?

SquonkaClaus · 18/12/2007 10:31

have been going through handbags that are years old in the vain hope of finding a stray match!

OP posts:

SheherazadetheSwedishjulbok · 18/12/2007 10:31

or rub two of his prize possession together in a destructive fashion until
a. you start a fire
b. you feel better.


SheherazadetheSwedishjulbok · 18/12/2007 10:32

can't you light a taper from your cooker?


SquonkaClaus · 18/12/2007 10:32

hee hee!
that's evil!

I like it

OP posts:

SquonkaClaus · 18/12/2007 10:33

cooker is electric - hobs are those nice looking halogen thingies that don't set fire to anything!

OP posts:

SheherazadetheSwedishjulbok · 18/12/2007 10:34

are you sure? try holding some paper to one you might be surprised


ChubbyStuckForAFestiveNameBurd · 18/12/2007 10:34



pantoinghousewife · 18/12/2007 10:36

So will you be roasting his knackers for punishment, when he gets home then.


bookofchristmascarolsmum · 18/12/2007 10:37

Stick a spill of paper under your grill or in your toaster then.

FWIW, you can also get the same effect if you hold a lit lamp to a piece of paper/fabric. It does take a long time though.


bookofchristmascarolsmum · 18/12/2007 10:38

I mean the paper will eventually singe and burn. Failing that find two boy Scouts to rub together.


SheherazadetheSwedishjulbok · 18/12/2007 10:38

oh yes a toster will do the trick.


discoverlife · 18/12/2007 10:45

Toaster or grill will do the trick.
Also put some christmas pud in the microwave for about 5 mins, it will burst into flames. Very stinky though.


fedupwasherwoman · 18/12/2007 10:51

Toaster or grill (even electric) with piece of rolled up paper or cardboard. Does the trick nicely.


SquonkaClaus · 18/12/2007 10:55

the grill worked!

I was just about to leave the house to look for boy scouts as well

methinks dp WILL be giving up smoking after all!

OP posts:

SheherazadetheSwedishjulbok · 18/12/2007 11:09

hurrah! i was worried the omminous silence meant you had burned the house down with our toaster antics.


SheherazadetheSwedishjulbok · 18/12/2007 11:11

can you tell i used to smoke! even now the smell of burnt hair takes me back to happy days spent lighting fags from electric cookers and other hot electrical applicances.


whenachildisbob · 18/12/2007 11:12

Squonka - we finally ditched our coal back boiler last week and now have a wood pellet stove - it's fab. If you're ever thinking of changing (I'm assuming you must have a back boiler too?) then I really recommend a bio fuel boiler. Way cheaper than coal and getting cheaper than oil very very quickly.

I don't have to shovel coal for Christmas - just chuck a bag of pellets in this thingy and press the remote control. Tis fab!! And we got a 1/3 grant from the govt. because it's and eco fuel.


Mincepiedermama · 18/12/2007 11:14

Mmmmmm. I love the smell of roasted nuts.


discoverlife · 18/12/2007 11:15

Im still making paper logs in this freezing weather, Im using long handled tongs to mash the wet paper into the mould. I have to do it or I would be overflowing with paper in 4 weeks.


Mincepiedermama · 18/12/2007 11:20

Discoverlife that's good to know. I bought my sister a log maker but I think it's ridiculusly small and requires impractical amounts of work to make the logs.

What's your system?


SquonkaClaus · 18/12/2007 11:23

whenachildisbob: it's a rented house so we can't change anything. The fire has a back boiler to heat the water, but the house doesn't have anything as modern as radiators! probably moving next year so not going to hassle the landlord

We kind of gave up making the paper logs - it seemed an INCREDIBLE amount of hassle for not a very good reward. I'm also interested in how you make it work...

OP posts:

Mincepiedermama · 18/12/2007 11:59

I don't think my sister did manage to make it work squonk. That's the point.

Another useless product to gather dust on the shelves then. < tsk >


discoverlife · 18/12/2007 15:58

Paper brick maker. pdbbssr_1?ie=UTF8&s=kitchen&qid=1197992923&sr=8-1

I use a heavy duty metal one.

I have one of those 70litre plastic tubs near the back door. Any paper is ripped or shredded and bunged in it. Once a week I add some water and leave overnight. (this time of year I add extra hot water in case I have to use my hands)sThen you unfold the handles and take out the perforated top layer and bung the soggy paper in it, put the perforated top layer on top of the paper, and fold the handles over and squish. Unfold handles take out top layer and tip out the brick to dry. I put ours in the wood shed in rotation. At this time of year it takes ages for them to dry out, but I have loads from the warmer weather which are just right for now. If I was in a hurry I would put them on top of or in front of the fire, but that would cause condensation.


discoverlife · 18/12/2007 16:00

P.S. It makes Brick sized bricks. (does that make sense?)

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