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I ordered a bed with Great Universal last week and got a call today -sold out sorry

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MerryChristmasX · 18/12/2007 00:58

2 weeks ago i saw a lovely bed for my DD in Great Universal. The nxt day i went to order it and "Sorry this option is currently unavailable".So i clicked the "Click here if you would like to receive an email from us if this item becomes available"
I did this on Great Universal, Additions, Littlewoods & Kays - as there all the same company at the end of the day.
Last week i receive an email saying "in stock" so i clicked straight onto Great Un and ordered it ....Yipppppeeeeeee - i told DH, called me mum, told DD in the morning that i had bought this lovely bed for her (which she loves) I received a Confrimation email with an expected del date "Awaiting Stock. Delivery by Thu 3rd January". The nxt day it was "unavailable" then i received emails from all 4 saying "back in stock" I took a look and it was nbut then the nxt day it was "unavailable" again. This was last week ok, well today i receive a call saying the bed is not coming back in stock but she knew nothing about my order - told me to call enquires line. Called enquires line and they said sorry sold out !!! i told them i had already ordered it and had comfirmation last week but they said sorry the computer is saying not available, He transffered me to tech support as the website was is showing available!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhh so anyone who orders it and gets a confirmation for it - well its not there

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MerryChristmasX · 18/12/2007 01:03

The tech lady could not tell me whay the bed was showing as available 1 day then unavail the nxt then availab then nxt and so on. Nor could she tell me why i was receiving emails telling me its back in stock when its not.
And she could not tell me why its showing now that its available when her computer says its not and there is non due in.

Im sooooooo angry about this

Sorry for rant but needed to as my heads spinning
Is this false advertising?? Its bloody annoying.

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sunnydelight · 18/12/2007 01:45

Did you pay online? If you did and you have a confirmation e-mail then you have a legally binding contract under the e-commerce directive. At the end of the day if they haven't got one they haven't got one, but there might be one lurking in a warehouse somewhere and if you're enough of pita they might reckon it's worth giving it to you ... I would threaten to contact trading standards, make a complaint to the MD etc. If you didn't actually pay, I can't remember off the top of my head if a "promise to pay" is enough consideration to make it a binding contract; I think it might be. Your local TS advice line should be able to tell you for sure.


MerryChristmasX · 18/12/2007 09:12

I was getting it on credit, its showing as pending, so its kind of on my account.
I think i will call TS as this is not just me its happening to. Like i said it still on there for people to order.

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