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to expect Woolworths to deliver items that were in stock when I ordered them !!

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PurpleFrog · 17/12/2007 14:10

I am sooooo fed up with Woolies.

In the middle of November I tried to order 4 items with them online. Three were in stock, or so they said. One item was a video game which would come direct from Jersey, the other 2 would be delivered to my local store. It took them 9 days to contact me to say that the video game was no longer in stock and they would let me know when they had more in. By this time, no-one else had such a good deal on it, so I left the order open. The other two items did get delivered to the store although one of the boxes was very bashed. Last week they eventually cancelled my order for the game, saying that they wouldn?t be getting any more. However, by that point my 4th original item was back in stock so I ordered it for store collection. When I looked at my account this morning to see if it was there yet I was told the order had been cancelled. Grrr !! To make matters worse this item is exclusive to Woolies, so I can't get exactly the same combination of contents elsewhere.

I am so fed up with them. OK, the lack of either item won?t spoil my dd?s Christmas, but if I order an item which is listed as ?in stock? I do expect it to be delivered within a reasonable period of time.

Rant over ....

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flatmouse · 17/12/2007 14:19

I had a problem with Woolies too this yr. One item got "lost" in the post. Late responses to my queries (will respond in 48hrs - not!) eventually asked for money back.

Don't think they're quite up to speed on this whole internet shopping lark.


PurpleFrog · 17/12/2007 15:45

I know what you mean. In contrast, Amazon have been very efficient. I have had 3 separate orders from them - all arrived on or before the date expected. At least they tell you when things are out of stock, or when more are expected, and also say if things won't be back in stock in time for shipping before Christmas.

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MegaLegs · 17/12/2007 15:47

Amazon have been great until today, I have just had an email to say they cancelled my order for a Knek set as it is now out of stock. It is DS2's last present and then I'm done. Will search!


PurpleFrog · 17/12/2007 16:02

I'm beginning to realise that online Christmas shopping is not as quick and stress-free as it is made out to be. It is definitely the case that a present in the hand is worth two in virtual shopping space!

OP posts:

Desiderata · 17/12/2007 16:07

Oh, I'd better check my ginormous Woolies box when ds goes to sleep, just to make sure everything I ordered is in there.

At the moment, it's off his radar ... a large, closed, brown box in our bedroom. He's walked past it a hundred times and not even noticed it

But I just know that if I do open it to take a peek inside ... well that's the point when he's going to notice it!


mumzyof2 · 17/12/2007 21:45

Dont get me started on Wollies, I dared go into their shop the other day, and (for some stupid reason, THEIR fault, not mine) had o que up THREE times for a dvd and a bag of Pic N Mix!
Plus, the item that was meant to be half price with the dvd, was sold out, and they said they would order me a new one off the internet, but Id have to pay full price (£20) for it. RUDE RUDE RUDE!
At least they TOLD you the items were out of stock, I recently ordered a train off Tesco Direct, and only when I rang them a week later to see where it was, I was told that it had been out of stock when they went to pick it to deliver it, and that they would now refund me! If Id never rung, theyd never have given me the £130 back!


TinyTimLivesinVictorianSqualor · 17/12/2007 21:58

I went into woolies last week, queued up with the Jeremy Clarkson DVD (HUGE QUEUE, and I felt all faint what with it being so bloody hot in there, plus being pg with low blood pressure-but was actually totally fine about it, telling ymslef, oh well, it's christmas, and they were giving out quality streets to the people in the queue as an apology), got to the till and the woman said 'ah, we ain't got those jeremy ones I don't fink'
My reply was, understandably, 'well why are htye still out on display and advertised then??'


poppy34 · 17/12/2007 22:23

tinytim right with you there- had the same thing when went to buy a cd there a couple of weeks ago. Took them 5 minute not to find it and then said we can order for it.FFS if I wanted to wait I'd have ordered it on amazon rather than walking into town to woolies... not sure if this happened to me in woolies before - is it a 2007 thing?


TinyTimLivesinVictorianSqualor · 17/12/2007 22:31

It happened to me with agame before as well, thinking about it, a game for the PC I was getting for dp, I got to the queue and they said it wasnt in stock


hedgehog1979 · 18/12/2007 16:47

its not just woolies. I went all around town looking for Tribe on DVD for my bro. The only place that had it on the shelves was WHsmiths. Got to the till to be told we don't have the insides here after she had looked for 30 secs. Lost my rag slightly and advised her that there are 5 copies on the shelf so she should have one and made her look again. She comes back and advises me that it is out of stock but the other copies on the shelf are dummies so it doesn't matter. To top it off when i was trying to pay for the other items there stupid till system declined my card (which I had been using elsewhere and had not been declined) and it then took her 30 minutes to call for authorisation. At that point I did loose it and told another colleague on the till to please retrieve my card as i like to do business in the 21st centuary.


nametaken · 19/12/2007 14:48

Woolies are absolutely notorious for putting out DVD, CD, mobile phone boxes etc and getting you to queue up for items that don't actually exist.

Thanks why I don't shop there anymore.


discoverlife · 19/12/2007 15:03

I ordered a pile of books through Amazon with their Market Place parteners. Only to find out that although theyre dispatched within 1-2 days it means diddly squat when its being dispatched from the US. Grrrr. and no part of the advert saying its in the US. I should get them sometime in January.


PartridgeinaRustyBearTree · 23/12/2007 20:59

I asked DD about this - she's got a temp Christmas job on Sundays at Woollies - on the media counter. Apparently they are not allowed to take DVDs off the shelves if they are in stock at the warehouse, because they can be ordered and are therefore 'available'. If they are not in stock at the branch, they have a purple sticker on the shelf, but if it is very busy the priority will be on serving people, rather than sparing someone to go & put stickers on the shelves - and often the last one will only just have been sold.

So please do complain to Woollies head office, but don't blame the staff on the counter - there's nothing they can do.

And please don't tell a 17 year old who's doing her best to help "You've made my son cry"


Pebblemum · 24/12/2007 09:17

I ordered several things from woolies this year which was going to be split into two orders. The first one was delivered within a week, the other due the first week of December. Right up until the date they were due it was showing that the items were in stock then suddenly I started getting emails to say each item was no longer available. Luckily they were only books for my ds's and was able to find alternatives elsewhere but it still annoyed me.

Last year i had no problems so i dont know whats changed. MIL also had trouble this year


Desiderata · 24/12/2007 09:26

I had a problem this year, too. It was a split order. Two of the items I ordered arrived on the date promised. The other item, due for delivery on 21st December, didn't show up.

I checked my emails ... nothing. So I accessed my Woolworths account and went into Order Tracking .. and that's when I saw a vaguely worded email telling me that the order had been cancelled and my money refunded.

I went to Woolies yesterday, and the item was in store !! It was also £5.00 cheaper then I'd paid for it on line.


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