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to want to shove the wrapping paper up DP's arse???

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sparklesandwine · 16/12/2007 13:02

.....I asked him to write 6 yes 6 labels and he got the arse dispite the fact that i've bought and wrapped all the farking presents for our 4 DC, his family and mine!!!!

Farking Men!!

[grrr emoticon]

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TenLordsaLapin · 16/12/2007 13:07

Yes. Find the largest, sparkliest, glitteriest decoration you can find, wait until he bends over and.... WHAMMO!

What was his "justification" for being arsey!


sparklesandwine · 16/12/2007 13:08

...he'd just swept the floor....

OP posts:

TenLordsaLapin · 16/12/2007 13:22

Oh! Well then of COURSE YABU, you can't expect him to do anything else for at LEAST 6 months!


MellowChristmasEveryone · 16/12/2007 13:25

"he'd just swept the floor"

You are one very lucky lady, my dh looked at me like something out of a horror movie when I suggested "today is a good day for you to pick up all the dog crap from the garden, dear!"


PeckaRolloverAgain · 16/12/2007 13:25

He sounds positively overworked, poor lad ;)


JennaJ · 16/12/2007 18:52

We had a similar thing. I roped dp into help wrap the stockings yesterday...

He wrapped 4 presents in the time it took me to wrap 26!! LMAO

He didn't even mind helping, he was just SO slow. Good job he doesn't have to wrap all the others or they wouldn't get them until next year!



crokky · 16/12/2007 18:59

I have done all the Christmas shopping and wrapping for our family. DH has bought nothing at all and wrapped nothing at all. Mind you, I have been spending his money .

I have also done my DB's Christmas shopping and wrapping, but he did ask me in advance, pay me and thank me because he was in a difficult situation. There is a big difference between this and lazyness!


helenhismadwife · 16/12/2007 19:29

I wouldnt shove wrapping paper up his arse, I would shove the christmas tree complete with very pointy star, tinsel,lights and baubles etc up there


bubblepop · 16/12/2007 19:35

haha! its much the same in our house.


janeite · 16/12/2007 19:47

Lol - dp is always so proud of himself for having wrapped up my Christmas presents - it always seems to escape his notice that I've chosen, bought and wrapped for EVERYBODY else, including the dds and his parents, sisters etc!

He does buy nice presents though and of course he feels that he is owed many brownie points at the moment because he's got the dds a Wii for Christmas (if it was up to me they'd have had no chance!).

Maybe you could keep quiet about it now but "accidentally" mix up some of the labels for the presents for his family, so that his mum ends up with SiL's frilly knickers, his dad ends up with nephew's Korn cd etc?!


frostythesnowmum · 16/12/2007 19:57

You only want to ram the wrapping paper up there If my dh doesn't shape up he's gonna get the whole fecking turkey - with trimmings


FlossALump · 16/12/2007 20:00

Mine baulked at doing 4 the other night. I increasingly find that if you ask them to do something and they strop about it if you leave them to it they tend to come round quicker and less painfully than if you nag them to it. Life is generally much more peaceful here that way...


smartiejake · 16/12/2007 20:37

I don't even bother to ask. I buy and wrap all the presents for both of our families. But to be fair I work part time and have more time to do it.
Wish I could be like my sil- she only buys for her family and dh just has to do his own (but he is one of these types who cooks, cleans, gets up in the night for the dcs, washes the car, puts out the rubbish, does the shopping
She works part time too!


Flibbertinseljinglebells · 16/12/2007 20:47

Same as smartie but I work full time. Have done all the xmas stuff as well as arrange, bake and make dinosaur cake, wrap pass-the-parcel for and everything else to do with DS1's 3rd birthday party today and will do all the same on the actual day this week when the ILs turn up.
I organise all the pressies etc for xmas, birthdays, cards, etc etc. Its just what I do - he does other things that I prefer not to (like he isn't bothered about drinking and does all the driving, ALL the time!) and besides, I am a canny shopper and do it all year round, he just goes out xmas eve and spends a bloody fortune just on his lot and forgets mine.
I find it MUCH easier to do all the wrapping etc when he is at the park with the kids.
He is hoovering up right now while I am mumnsetting so I really can't complain about him!


sparklesandwine · 17/12/2007 12:26

frostythesnowmum i would do the same but i'm not sure it would have quite the same effect with a nut roast

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