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To have a tooth mouse instead of a tooth fairy?

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OhMyGaaadThatsGrooosss · 12/12/2007 20:12

Don't get me wrong - two of my best friends are fairies. But we have opted for the Mouse route when it comes to the tooth under the pillow business. Does anyone else have a tooth mouse or are we just weird? I grew up with a mouse not a fairy, and I suppose I have just passed it on!

OP posts:

Saturn74 · 12/12/2007 20:13

Do you also have the Easter Gnu?


Indith · 12/12/2007 20:14

When I was a small thing a mouse would come if lost a tooth in France and a fairy if I lost it in England.


LittleSleighBellasRinging · 12/12/2007 20:14


Clearly a wierdie.


PartridgeinaRustyBearTree · 12/12/2007 20:15

I had a mouse house, not a dolls' house when I was a child, so I'm with you!


OhMyGaaadThatsGrooosss · 12/12/2007 21:15

I think it came from my own childhood when the tooth mouse would come out of the electric light socket in the wall. I think it is an irish thing possibly.... although the French aspect is interesting, Indith... but no French blood in my family!

OP posts:

FranticPants · 14/12/2007 18:37

mouse sounds better than fairy - if a little unhygienic


duchesse · 14/12/2007 18:52

You're French, no?


cerys · 14/12/2007 18:54

My friends are Italian and they have a tooth mouse.


bottersnike · 14/12/2007 19:00

Yes, in France they have a mouse rather than a fairy.
I think it's cute. As long as you're not scared of mice.


JingleBelgoHoHoHo · 14/12/2007 19:03

I've just asked (flemish) dh what they have in Belgium, he says he doesn't know,as he never got anything for his teeth as a boy


seeker · 14/12/2007 19:07

My half Spanish nephew and neice have the mouse - and in our family the fairy and the mouse alternate. Fairy brings money, mouse brings small present.

Love the Easter Gnu. Will definitely institure the new tradition next Easter.


OhMyGaaadThatsGrooosss · 14/12/2007 19:08

Is there nothing Irish about it then?
What about the Tooth Mice cartoon with the Irish accented mice?

OP posts:

jenpet · 14/12/2007 19:11

DS lost his first tooth a week or so ago, we are English, living in France. Much discussed at school, (what happens, what you get & where it comes from) so we had to have a "mouse-fairy"'s all about compromise isn't it???!!


Blandmum · 14/12/2007 19:22

are you Spanish?

the have the tooth mouse


OhMyGaaadThatsGrooosss · 14/12/2007 20:23

Just asked DD who came with her £1 last night (tooth came out yesterday). She said, "mouse AND fairy holding hands and flying together"

OP posts:

LittleSleighBellasRinging · 14/12/2007 20:26

Oh farking 'ell.

Accept that if you have tooth meeces, you are nuts.

Can't believe some of you are still insisting on it.

LOLOL, mumsnet educates me so much


cerys · 14/12/2007 21:00

at the Easter Gnu

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