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to expect my NEXT delivery to actually arrive in the time slot allotted to me ?

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redrosebug · 11/12/2007 23:29


I ordered various items from NEXT last week, originally due to be delivered before 1pm on Wed 5th. Needless to say, it wasn't all delivered (although was showing in stock). Courier said the other parcel was at his depot and he would breing it the next day (thurs). When nothing arrived on Thursday, I rang NEXT who said they would check up with the courier and call me back either Thurs or Friday. No call back at all. I rang them on Monday when they said it had been returned to them for some reason but that they would redeliver before 1pm on Tuesday (today). By 1.30pm it still hadn't arrive, I rang and was told it was not a definite time, just a preference ! Was told it could arrive any time up until 6.30pm. By 8 it hadn't arrived so I rang AGAIN ! Some stupid bloke was really really rude to me, but said he would look into it and call me back. He asked if he could take a contact number, so I gave him my mobile (which I keep in my pocket so I could get on with stuff I needed to do). 10 minutes later, he did indeed call me, but on my home phone, not my mobile. He couldn't see the problem with this, etc..... Anyway, I asked to speak to his supervisor, he passed me onto a colleague who he'd told me was a supervisor. Turned out she wasn't, and he'd told her he was passing me on because he needed the loo !!!!! On speaking to a manager (finally), she was disgusted with the way I've been treated and how incompetent and rude this guy was.

The real question is, if you can choose a day for delivery and either before or after 1pm, AIBU to expect it to actually arrive then ??????

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lovecattlearelowing · 12/12/2007 09:29

YANBU, however I have given up on NEXT doing anything they promise - they contract out their deliveries - in our area this means it's one very arsey woman in her own car and no matter how many times I've specified I want after 1pm delivery, she turns up at about 10am and throws it at me (luckily I've been in both times, but I might not have been!) - when I mentioned that I'd asked for an after 1pm delivery to her the first time it happened she glared at me and said 'yeah? Well I don't work for NEXT, do I?'

Consequently I now specify morning delivery and make sure I can be there!

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