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to think that "celebrities" who make their living by selling out their private lives to the tabloids and the trashy mags bring criticism on themselves?

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allIWannaBeForChristmas · 11/12/2007 22:16

not just referring to Ulrika, but so many others.

If you make your private life public then surely it's only natural that people will comment on it.

I have no sympathy with any of them.

OP posts:

notnowbernardimstuffingthebird · 11/12/2007 22:20

Me neither.

FGS, if you're going to earn your keep by baring your soul (or worse, revealing the day-to-day banality of your life) to thr tabloids or 'popular press', expect a little, er, feedback...


OhGiveUsAPruniPudding · 11/12/2007 22:27

I think it's a natural consequence
TBH though I think they live in a very different world to the one that I do and quite possibly it doesn't seem mad to live their lives in OK and Heat. Just like when you become the big boss, you lose a lot of perspective, iywim. I think we are mentally very malleable.


ItWasOnlyAWintersTellus · 11/12/2007 22:28

Thing is, I don't think it would be any less hurtful to hear it...


Niecie · 11/12/2007 22:30

Me neither. If you don't want to get shot at, keep your head down below the parapet in my opinion.

Usually, it is people who have got nothing particularly interesting to say as well. If they were successful and their careers were going well they would be too busy to worry about selling their story to magazines and papers in the first place.


TenLordsaLapin · 11/12/2007 22:31

No, I don't think that because you make your life public, you deserve any and all abuse that people choose to throw at you.

"Comment" is different from "ridicule" or "abuse".

I think it reflects on the people who choose to make those comments, to be honest.


kerala · 11/12/2007 22:32

Like I said on the other thread I feel sorry for the DCs of these mental women who dont ask to be paraded around like extras in the soap opera that is their lives.


Lauriefairycake · 11/12/2007 22:33

I absolutely thought all that you guys have said til I read an interview with Sienna Miller who said something along the lines of reporters standing in front of her to prevent her going in her house calling her 'a fucking slag' amongst other choice words.

actually stopping her putting her key in the door and continually shouting stuff

Not sure i could put up with that


notnowbernardimstuffingthebird · 11/12/2007 22:34

The sad reality is, I think, that a lot of the 'celebrities' are actually quite damaged/unhappy/misguided people. And I'm sure they have fragile egos and are in obvious need of approval

So the relationship they have with the Press, and therefore the general public, is a really unhealthy one.


kerala · 11/12/2007 22:36

A celebrity is just someone who wants to be left alone to live their life in the public eye

ha ha


notnowbernardimstuffingthebird · 11/12/2007 22:36

Hmm. Sienna Miller is often papped in very celeb-happy places...

With equally celeb-by friends..


allIWannaBeForChristmas · 11/12/2007 22:38

oh yes, do feel sorry for the kids. especially jordan's.

OP posts:

jinglebells2shoessmells · 11/12/2007 22:43

ds who is 15 made a good comment about JP
he saw a pic of her son on yet another mag and said"can't she allow him any privacy"


Ubergeekian · 12/12/2007 11:55

Has Sienna Miller actually ever done anything, by the way?

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