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To wash my Dp's cup?

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Brandnewchristmaspyjamasgirl · 09/12/2007 11:16

He is a big tea drinker [pukeemotion]. But he has one set cup and he likes it with all teastains around it bleurghh. I bleach it whenever he is at work but he goes mad as he says the stains add to the flavour !

Is he just a dirty old goat an I am right to bleach his cup


should I leave him to it and just avoid his manky mug?

OP posts:

MrsWeasleysmagicmincepies · 09/12/2007 11:18

he is just a dirty old goat

dont wash it or his clothes and see if it adds anything extra to his aroma!!


Brandnewchristmaspyjamasgirl · 09/12/2007 11:20

I rest my case

OP posts:

CremolaFirCone · 09/12/2007 11:29

when i read 'cup' i immendiately thought mooncup

too many hours on mumsnet


nametaken · 09/12/2007 11:32

leave him to it


MrsWeasleysmagicmincepies · 09/12/2007 11:35

another idea, dont bleach it, but if it accidentally falls off the table and smashes the issue would be solved (buy some cheap mugs just for DP)

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