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to be sick of SILs demands?

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frootloop · 06/12/2007 15:30

the latest one which is really pissing me off is her nagging demands for him to visit her halfway across the world. i am 31 weeks pregnant and finding it very exhausting and at the moment we are busy with preparing for baby and classes teaching me how to breathe in labour and the correct way to crush dhs hand etc.

they didn't have have any definite plans and sil knows babys arrival is getting near but she keeps sending really snotty emails demanding to know if dh is going to spend a fortune flying out to see her, even though she is in the uk for christmas. finances are tight too, we have two large payments that are due in jan, and we still have to pay for pram, cotbed, car seat and all the other baby stuff.

she also wants us to rearrange our christmas plans to fit in around her, which would mean driving approx 4 hours from my parents house to our home on one day, then the next day driving 5 hours to the inlaws, and thats if the traffic is good and i'll be 34weeks by then. we were planning on having a few days for me to rest before more travelling.

aibu to be sick of her whining? or is sil being selfishly demanding?

OP posts:

LoveAngelGabriel · 06/12/2007 15:31

YANBU. Just say NO.


YuleLoveHekateAtSolstice · 06/12/2007 15:33

I don't know if you are being unreasonable or not. I don't think it even matters. The only thing that counts is that you don't want to. Reasonable/unreasonable - bugger it.

Just say no.

Clearly. Firmly...... No. En-Oh.

Do what fits you. If she doesn't like it, she has a choice. change her own plans or lump it.


minouminou · 06/12/2007 15:34

outline what you are gonna do, and say even that is subject to change - but only on account of your impending baby.
Your DH can't go jetting off at this stage in the game, and i don't think you'd have much fun sitting in a car for 4 or 5 hours.
attention seeking, methinks.


minouminou · 06/12/2007 15:35

on her part, that is


frootloop · 06/12/2007 15:39

ive already said no to both the flying visit and her christmas demands, i love nothing more than throwing a spanner in sils manipulations (i hate the prissy cow).

i just wondered if i was being unreasonable in saying a big fat NO.

OP posts:

suey2 · 06/12/2007 15:45

if she wants to see her brother that badly, she can come to you. YANBU.


suey2 · 06/12/2007 15:46

if she wants to see her brother that badly, she can come to you. YANBU.


Dropdeadfred · 06/12/2007 15:55

why are you even asking the question? I would send her a jokey email saying that you and dh laughed out loud at her requests!


SueBaRoomForAMincePie · 06/12/2007 15:58


It's time to break out the 'take a running jump, dear' conversation. I'm quite at that, and I have a proper moo-cow SIL myself.


BandofReindeerwaitingontheroof · 06/12/2007 16:01

I Have a car seat if you need one.


BandofReindeerwaitingontheroof · 06/12/2007 16:03

Tell her to get lost, why do people put up with snottiness. Tell her to stop being so selfish and always thinking of herself, and that if she can't be nice you'll start deleting her emails without even opening them.

Why is she even sending them to you?? Does DH not have email, tell him to deal with her, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Okaaaaaaaaaay, I feel better after that rant, do you???


33kjs · 06/12/2007 16:10

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fedupwasherwoman · 06/12/2007 16:15

If you don't want a row, fib a bit.

Blood pressure creeping up a bit...... Doctor advises not to do long journeys cramped up in a car seat...... advice is to rest with feet up.......midwife thinks baby might come early so dh is not travelling long distances etc......uncertainty over exact due date.

Have your dh pass these snippets on to SIL and say he is the one unwilling to leave you as your due date draws near and he'd never forgive himself if he put you and the baby's health at risk with excessive travelling over the Xmas period.

I bet your SIL has exaggerated things in her life to suit her in the past, now it's your turn


Bouncingturtle · 06/12/2007 16:24

Good God woman, you are soooo NBU! What an utterly ignorant and selfish cow your sil is. Stick some laxatives in her coffee.
DH and I drive to my mum's weekend before last (I was 36 weeks), 4 hour drive and it was pretty uncomfortable.
You certainly won't able to fly now - most airlines won't take you past 32 weeks, IIRC.
I take it she has never had a baby!
What does you Dh's parents think of this?


frootloop · 06/12/2007 19:04

ahhh! i could go on for hours about SIL and how much i hate her.
she had a hissy fit once and slagged me off big time to DH, who then told me everything she said. Boy was she surprised when i sent her a text politly asking her to keep her remarks to herself and then she acted like she was the betrayed wife, ha ha, stupid cow.

dh doesnt like rocking the boat with sil, if he does she goes crying to FIL and BIL who then phone up dh and give him an earful, she's pathetic and loves acting like the precious delicate china doll.
she hates me because i don't put up with her demands and sulky behavior.

im glad im not being unreasonable, it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing im pissing SIL off [evil cackle]

OP posts:

dragonstitcher · 06/12/2007 20:46

YANBU. I'm so glad I don't have any IL's.


coldtits · 06/12/2007 20:51

Tell her what you are going to do (this should be whatever you want to do)

repeat as necessary.

Tune out further nagging - if necessary hang up the phone.

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