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to think wtf to my 6 year old neice drinking juice from a bottle

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pud1 · 06/12/2007 15:13

i am pg with my first and i do feel that i am taking notice of other peoples kids alot more. i have always just thought that my sil is lazy with her dd but when i saw her drinking juice out of a babys bottle this weekend i thought that it was just wrong. are you experianced mums thinking " she will learn the judgemental cow" or am i right. surley this is bad for her teeth alone

OP posts:

belgo · 06/12/2007 15:14

it is very bad for her teeth.


Snowmond · 06/12/2007 15:16

YANBU! I know a lot of people will tell us to mind our own business but I agree with you. 6 years is way to old for a bottle! (unless there are SN or there is specific reason for it)

I sometimes give my DD1(4) a sports bottle and don't really like that as I worry about her teeth.


BananaPudding · 06/12/2007 15:17

Bad for the teeth and...can't think what to say except that she's just too old. I mean, why? If it was a case of being lazy, you'd think washing and filling a cup would be easier than a bottle?


camillathechicken · 06/12/2007 15:17

if it is a one off becasue she is ill and would not take fluids in any other way or she has some sort of SN and won;t drink out of anything else. then you are being unreasonable.

if not, then you are within your rights to think that, it is so bad for her teeth.

seems like if you think your SIl is lazy with her DD then there is some history between you anyway.


BananaPudding · 06/12/2007 15:18

Yes Snow, of course special needs would be a completely different story. Before anyone jumps in feeling defensive or offended!


pud1 · 06/12/2007 15:29

she was not ill and has no sn. apparently she has a bottle with juice in it every night ( i am talking full sugar squash ).
there is no real history but tbh i have started noticing alot more since being pg.

OP posts:

minouminou · 06/12/2007 15:31

could it be a one-off for novelty value?
maybe your SIL has been talking about your baby and she's pretending to be one as all the talk has reminded her of her babyhood.
just a thought


camillathechicken · 06/12/2007 15:59

it must be a comfort thing

also, full sugar squash is better then the other ones which are more chemically

if she has the bottle and does not brush her teeth and this is every night.. then her big teeth are going to be in real trouble!!

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