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AIBU to feel just a bit sick nobody else thought to clear up the poo in the swimming pool loo floor

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CoopedUp · 05/12/2007 17:15

well... except me
and then to expect a slightly more swift and positive response from the pool staff when I emerged from the changing rooms to explain they needed a bit of bleach and a scrubbing brush, because it was difficult getting it out from between the floor tiles.... But to rest assured IT WAS NOT US...

My own DD having stood in it, and by the look she wasn't the first, and I'm sure another littley stood in it too as she went for her last minute wee before her swimming lesson... so I did my best to prevent anyone else dancing about on the merseytrout.

I have had to wash my hands numerous times since and can't quite get the yuk feeling from the back of my throat... but sometimes you have to be a bit strong-stomached about these things... FGS there is a horrid d&v virus going around.

Maybe I just need a bit of reassurance that swimming is not a public health hazard. That swimming pools have chlorine to deal with these things, and that I did the right thing.

What would Tommy Zoom have done??? Clear it up myself, or call the poo police? Clear it up myself or call the poo police?

OP posts:

Bouncingturtle · 05/12/2007 17:20

That was nasty!!!! Good on you for cleaning it up but you shouldn't have had to - the staff should have got someone to clean it up properly - after all as you said there is a D&V bug going around!
Somebody is clearly absolutely minging...


lizandlulu · 05/12/2007 20:18

im not sure i would have done it myself!! im ok with my own dd's poo, but not sure about others!
but well done for doing it. there are some absoloute mingers about!


LoveMyGirls · 05/12/2007 20:20

I would have told staff and made sure it was cleaned but then i'm also the type to complain in a nightclub when the run out of loo roll in the ladies and do you know what? They either give you some of send someone to sort it, woman out there should all do it and then the world would be a better place........


wooga · 05/12/2007 21:51

I went swimming during adult only session a couple of years ago and found someone had pooed in the corner of a cubicle-without TMI,it was obviously not a little one's accident.
Felt sorry for whoever had to clean it up.

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