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to think this is rude?

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DixiePixie · 03/12/2007 14:49

Whenever I go to ask my DH something, and say "DH?...", he always responds by saying "What?" in a really surly, blunt way.

It makes me feel about an inch tall. He doesn't understand why I find it rude and says he doesn't mean anything by it.

It seems like really bad manners to me, and I don't want DD to grow up speaking to people like that.

Am I being silly?

OP posts:

mynameisnic · 03/12/2007 14:56

no you're not being silly. sounds a like a surly teenager responding to his mum when he thinks she's about to ask him to do something. do you communicate well otherwise?


Amethyst86 · 03/12/2007 14:58

No, if it makes you feel bad then it is a problem.

He says that he doesnt mean anything by it but what to you think? Is he usually in a bad mood when he speaks like this? Is it just you or does he answer everyone like this? His boss or his Mum for example???? Maybe he does it to put you off asking him t do anything, making himself unapproachable. Would not be acceptable to me I am afraid. You are not being silly.


mishymoo · 03/12/2007 14:58

No, YANBU! I would go nuts if my DH spoke to me like that. Can't you ask him to answer you politely by saying 'yes' instead of barking 'what'! It is just down-right rude and your DD will pick up on it and start to speak to you like that as well. Try and nip it in the bud now!


DixiePixie · 03/12/2007 15:03

Thanks, I was beginning to think that I'm making a fuss about nothing.

Yes, we do generally communicate pretty well, but he can come across as quite blunt and rude (not just to me btw). He blames this on the fact that he is from Yorkshire . Can't say I've noticed any of his Yorkshire friends being as blunt as him though!

OP posts:

lucyellensmum · 03/12/2007 15:27

dixie, yanbu, but i remember i fell into the habit of doing this "what" when people spoke to me, it actually used to bring me up short and i would often end up apologising, i wonder if it is the fact that the poor sod is a man and having to think about whatever he is thinking about at the time, processing what have said and then having to formulate a reply is all too much for him, so he goes with the path of least resistance. I would often be the "what" barker if i had stuff on my mind. And after all, he IS from Yorkshite

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