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to expect mothers who come to collect their children from playing after school to look as frazzeld as me

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Wotzupnow · 30/11/2007 19:38

and not to come to my house looking all serene and perfect, while I running around like a headless chicken with all the dcs and cake mix in my hair?

OP posts:

LadySnotsalot · 30/11/2007 19:46

mmm... cake mix.
what cake have you made?


southeastastra · 30/11/2007 19:48

well i suppose if you've had their kids


Camillathechicken · 30/11/2007 19:49

if oyu like, i will call round looking like a heap , as long as you giev me cake !


BBBee · 30/11/2007 19:51

if i go to work i am not allowed to look like a heap. i could out rank you on eye bags though!


talktothebees · 30/11/2007 20:04

cake mix is nothing. I once got to the till at the supermarket only to realise I had bird seed in my hair. I scratched my head and out it came. A little shower of millet and sunflower hearts and other birdy morsels. And I didn't have any children to blame my absent-minded frazzledness on.

but in answer to OP, yes it is in fact downright bloody rude for people to turn up at your house looking better than you do.


cheeset · 30/11/2007 20:11

How very dare they


Wotzupnow · 30/11/2007 20:14

exactly how very dare they

snigger @ bird seed

fairy cakes (mostly from a packet, add egg very easy)

OP posts:

DynamicKermitsNanny · 30/11/2007 20:19

I can't even get cakes out of a packet to work -


wooga · 30/11/2007 21:10

My mum had a pair of knickers escaping down leg of her jeans in shop the other dc found it hilarious watching me quickly help her hide them!

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