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to wonder why people actually watch im a celeb?

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wannaBe · 30/11/2007 10:08

Obviously I am because people can watch what they want, but..

they're not really celebrities are they?

And the only reason they're there is to try and make as many headlines as possible in the hopes that someone will remember who they once were.

ghastly shite.

OP posts:

RubySlippers · 30/11/2007 10:10

i know it is crap, i know why they are doing it, it is mildly diverting telly

i heart Biggins tho'


Camillathechicken · 30/11/2007 10:10

you heart biggins!


themildmanneredjanitor · 30/11/2007 10:10

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wannaBe · 30/11/2007 10:13

and who are they? seriously - I have never heard of most of them. Well Gemma atkins I think was on some other celeb charity singing thing wasn't she, and Katie hopkins had a real job before she went on the apprentice, but the rest of them?

OP posts:

chipmonkey · 30/11/2007 10:44

I really like "I'm a Celebrity"! For me it's less about the celebs themselves and more about the whole jungle experience which I can watch safely from my couch! It is true that most of the celebs are trying to relaunch their careers but I think fair dues to them for going on a show which will expose them and make them vulnerable. I did feel sorry for Gemma when they did the spelling and maths challenges. I felt that the poor girl had obviously struggled in school but had managed to put it behind her by becoming a successful model only to get thrown right back into the classroom in the jungle.


OrmIrian · 30/11/2007 10:47

I don't. The very word celebrity makes me shudder. If someone is celebrated for something - ie cooking, acting, writing, that's OK. But being famous for being famous is just stupid.


pyjamagirl · 30/11/2007 10:49

I always wonder why there is never any protests from the animal rights activists about I'm a celeb ,I mean if you were a cockroach would you really want to touch something as awful as Janice ?


TheDuchessOfNorksBride · 30/11/2007 10:57


a) they're lazy and can't be arsed to do anything involving their brains

b) they enjoy watching people being upset and humiliated, and

c) they can be horribly judgemental about people they don't know

It is horrible TV and I'm appalled that whole swathes of the population now think this is perfectly acceptable viewing.


kittylouise · 30/11/2007 11:03

It is utter drivel and I hate it. Hate, hate, hate, hate. And the overspill into the papers as well is really annoying - why do they report on these complete non-events?

My mum loves this crap; whenever I speak to her she asks me what I think of Janice or whatever (mum, I don't watch it) and then gives me a blow-by-blow acount of last night's episode (mum, I don't care). This is as well as giving me updates on Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks and Neighbours (mum, SHUDDUP!)


anniemac · 30/11/2007 11:08

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

geekymummy · 30/11/2007 11:28

lol kitty - are you my sister???


JinglyJangly · 30/11/2007 11:34

Its better than Big Brother though - that is utter crap.

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