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To be bl**dy annoyed that some dear sweet (not) person has given my DM my mobile number without asking me!

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pinkbubble · 29/11/2007 20:31

I really have a pain in the neck mother, in fact TBH I really do not like her. I have no time for her as she has no time for me or my DDs. My brother on the other hand gets all the help attention that he needs - whether he wants it or not!

I'm sorry to say she is a drinker and when she drinks she always telephones me. The telephone conversations are either her being very giggly or she is down right nasty.

I asked my MIl for a caller display phone for my birthday so I could see who was ringing - this has been an absolute godsend - well and truly! Because then I could decide whether to answer the phone.

I have never given her my mobile number because I don't want her on my back 24/7. Somehow someone has given her my mobile telephone number and I am really mad!
I know it seems daft as its my mother, but I really cant stand talking to her - big time!
I have just asked my DB and he hasn't given it to her, so now I am left pondering who would/could give it to her!

Am I being unreasonable as I honestly do not want her ringing me when I'm out and about!

I think I must be a really horrid daughter, sad thing is I would be mortified if my DDs behaved like this to me!

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poppy34 · 29/11/2007 20:36

No I don't think you're being unreasonable - you clearly don't have an easy relationship with her so why shouldnt you put some distance on when you do/don't talk to her (Esp if she has been drinking).

Doesnt your mobile have caller ID - you can screen your calls then I assume?

And I quite like my parents but I screen calls if just not in the mood for it.


pinkbubble · 29/11/2007 20:41

It was her mobile number that came up, I just didn't register to it. She doesn't have a land line as several years ago she refused to pay the bill.

Guess I am really cross for not recognizing her number!

Bet it was my other brother, the one who lives out of the country! But why would he give her my mobile number!

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Columbia · 29/11/2007 20:43

yANBU! My ex gave HIS mother mine!!!!!! She's like Anne blardy Widdecombe but without the sense of humour.

wish you luck


pinkbubble · 29/11/2007 20:43

Also I do not ringing mobile numbers, to me a mobile phone is for emergencies, I get quite frustrated for someone to ring me on my mobile just for a chat! Also when I need to ring her which isn't very often (although I have free mobile calls) I will only ring her from my land line!

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pinkbubble · 29/11/2007 20:45

Maybe she was too drunk to notice that she was ringing me on my mobile!

Funny thing is - she has never asked for my mobile number!

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Columbia · 29/11/2007 20:48

I am the same about never using it, I hate them! Emergency, yes. Expensive chatting and random 'mother' calls, no!

I hope you figure it out. You might have to ask her though if you want to know who told her..


pinkbubble · 29/11/2007 20:50

I am just so wound up now, 2 and a half minutes I was on the phone to her!

Don't really want to ask her and remind her that she has got my number! IYSWIM

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lizziemun · 29/11/2007 21:30

Can you change your phone or get the number blocked.


pinkbubble · 29/11/2007 21:39

Lizzie that was my first question to DH, can we change the number! DH was not impressed! Have no idea how to block numbers!

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StaryNightSky · 29/11/2007 21:40

Most mobiles will let you bar a telephone number.

YOu can normally do this on the hand set. But if not just call your provider and ask them to bar the number.



pinkbubble · 29/11/2007 21:42

Think I will wait and see if she rings again! Then I will!

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