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to be pissed at ASDA advertising that i can buy STOCKING FILLERS from them????

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muppetisacat · 27/11/2007 17:02 7 year old just saw their Julie Walters advert to promote stocking fillers... 2 for £8 or something like that...

... "mummy... why do you need to buy stocking fillers???"...

surely their advertising agency could be more subtle (dare i say "creative") in getting their message across?

Plus i am rubbish at thinking on my feet and too sleep deprived to come up with a convincing argument.

OP posts:

Alliebongo · 27/11/2007 17:04

i more disappointed in julie walters being on their awful ads


goingfor3christmaspuddings · 27/11/2007 17:04

Not everyone says that father christmas fills the stockings. You could say it's aimed at father christmas.


FozzieKbear · 27/11/2007 17:05

Oooh this p's me off every Christmas too. Also mum's in the playground that talk about what they have bought and whose stocking is "done" and the kids are standing right there FGS.


Wisteria · 27/11/2007 17:10

No, you are not being at all unreasonable - things like that really get my goat...what's wrong with 'Christmas Gifts' or 'Children's Toys'?

Oh but yes, sorry I forgot; we are all too stupid to work out that certain gifts would be ideal 'stocking fillers' and need it pointing out!


LedodgyDickinson · 27/11/2007 17:11

It wa slike that bloody Argos advert last year when they delivered the presents.


smeeinachristmastreeinnit · 27/11/2007 17:14

i never told my ds's that father christmas bought their christmas presents,bit daft really, how do you explain all the shops stocked to the brim with toys etc????...................he(the great man himself!!) would just come at some point on christmas eve daytime to colect them to put on his sleigh!


muppetisacat · 27/11/2007 17:15

lol wisteria!

Perhaps i should say that Julie Walters fills the stockings?

OP posts:

pointydog · 27/11/2007 17:16

stocking fillers, two for £8?

That's far too expensive


lululemonrefuser · 27/11/2007 17:17

But why are you trying to 'come up with a convincing argument'? Your DD is at an age when she's going to start questioning all sorts of things around her, and Father Christmas is one of those. At that point, it seems a bit silly to me to keep on pushing for them to believe something that's implausible.


muppetisacat · 27/11/2007 17:18

smeeinachristmastreeinit I've always told my dc's that their main big pressies or whatever are from family etc so they know who to thank personally...

but YES, we DO do stockings first thing in the morning filled with little things... and YES i DO say it's from FC... am i in the minority then?

OP posts:

DaisyNightingale · 27/11/2007 17:18

We've told our 5yo DS that Santa has to buy the presents somewhere, as he can't possibly make all of them, just the nice wooden toys. So far we seem to have got away with it!

I would've thought at 7 though, the myth is starting to wear off anyway. I'm sure I knew at about that age.


muppetisacat · 27/11/2007 17:21

The death bell tolls for FC in our house then ...

I'm sure most of my ds1's mates still believe in him though???

OP posts:

lululemonrefuser · 27/11/2007 17:23

No, you're not in a minority, I don't think. We always had stockings from Father Christmas. It is sad when they stop believing - my 9 year old doesn't any more, I'm sure, but plays along for his sister, who's 7 - I don't think she really believes, but wants to, IYSWIM. I just think you have to let it go though - you can't force it. And certainly don't expend energy being cross with ADSA about adverts!!!


Wisteria · 27/11/2007 17:24

I am a firm beiever in Santa/ FC bringing the stockings and that is all; we did it like that and my dds both believed for far longer than the children who were told that FC brought everything, in fact dd (11) only really queried it last year! She now says that she chooses to believe in him (mainly because I have said that when you stop believing the stockings stop and they just get the 'downstairs pressies), it allows me my illusion that they're still 5 and haven't grown up at all!

It also means that they get into the thank you letter routine earlier.


bobsmum · 27/11/2007 17:26

We say that Santa brought them the presents, but he's nothing other than a glorified postman in our house. I'm not giving him the credit for my hard work!


Fimbo · 27/11/2007 17:28

You are not alone Muppet. My 9 yr old dd still believes in FC. Although they talked about your mum and dad buying too many presents on Blue Peter last night.


Swedes2Turnips1 · 27/11/2007 17:29

YANBU. It remninds me of my ex-mil one Christmas morning many moons ago. DS was about 4. We had done the snowy footprints, found the emptied glass and mince-pie crumbs on the hearth and DS was saying: "Wow, a fort". MIL said: "Where did you find the fort in the end?" when no reply was forthcoming she asked: "How much did it cost?".


Swedes2Turnips1 · 27/11/2007 17:32

DS2 believed in Father Christmas until he was 10. It was something of a relief that he decided to voice a few reservations.
We all know that Father Christmas only brings presents to those who believe in him.


muppetisacat · 27/11/2007 17:43

swedes2turnips1.... garrrgghhh... did you throw sherry over your mil??

OP posts:

fireflyfairy2 · 27/11/2007 17:51

You're not in a minority!

I actually think the way I do it might be deemed as strange. It certainly was when I discussed it with a few online friends last year.

Dd & Ds will get up on Xmas morn & their bikes etc will be from FC. They will also have puzzles, dolls, tractors etc.. all sitting from FC. Plus their stockings.

They will then open the gifts from under the tree from relatives & we'll call each family on Xmas morn to find out what FC brought cousins etc & they can then thanks family for gifts

They have never yet asked why mam & dad haven't bought them a Xmas gift, they are always far too excited about getting so much stuff to care!!


filthymindedvixen · 27/11/2007 18:03

I got sent a fricking unsolicited catalogue through the post (which ds loves to collect each morning) called Stocking Fillers in big Fuck-Off writing on the front, emblazoned with pictures of all the sorts of things I have lovingly collected for the boys. Wankers!!!!
I hurridedly explained to my 9-yr-old Still-Believer that some adults liked to get stockings filled with crap little toys too.


TheAnticodCod · 27/11/2007 18:04

at 9!! yeah right


TheAnticodCod · 27/11/2007 18:05

i od think some poele take the santa thing a Bit Too Seriously

its a bit of fun
nto a law


filthymindedvixen · 27/11/2007 18:06

well he does. And as he has a younger sibling I'm glad. So?

He knows far too much about sex, drugs, crap realtionships, war, death, poverty etc so what's wrong in him still retaining an ounce of childishness.?


2shoes · 27/11/2007 18:06

i think your dc's are having you on(except the little ones)

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