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To be irked

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LolaTheShowgirl · 24/11/2007 12:58

that when someone says they were really hungry but too busy to make something to eat, I spend half an hour cooking dinner (that I cannot eat as i'm on a diet) and 15 minutes after I told them it was ready and it's waiting on the plate for them, they still haven't gone to eat it and now it's bloody ruined and stone cold no doubt!

OP posts:

fryalot · 24/11/2007 12:59



fryalot · 24/11/2007 13:00

I would leave it there and give it to them for tea, supper, breakfast, tomorrow's dinner... whatever till they either eat it or cook something else


LolaTheShowgirl · 24/11/2007 13:04

Thanks These are adults by the way, not stubborn little children!

OP posts:

beeper · 24/11/2007 13:04


YANBU - its bad manners.


Are you P*ed you are on a diet and secretly want to snaffle said foods down your gullet.


LolaTheShowgirl · 24/11/2007 13:07

Yea beeper! It smells lovely! They've just sat down to eat it now

OP posts:

beeper · 24/11/2007 13:18

LOL right with you.

When I was on diet, My FIL took to sending these apple struddels round cause he got them on a BOGOFF from iceland. I used to beg DH not to bring them but he would and cook them and the smell would fill the house for hours. Big rows would ensue.

Also it P*S of that somehow, only heaven knows that DH's seem to lose weight also at the same time just by eating our low fat cooking and without cutting out the luxuarys.

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