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Kbear wants to know if she is!

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MaureenMLovesmincepies · 23/11/2007 09:11

She's on her way to work and has txt me to ask iSbu to wonder why the woman sitting opposite her finds it necessary to pluck her eyebrows on the train? She finishes by saying 'S'pose it could be worse, someone once flossed their teeth next to me!

OP posts:

themildmanneredjanitor · 23/11/2007 09:12

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Buda · 23/11/2007 09:12



ernest · 23/11/2007 09:18

I recently sat next to a blokw shaving with an electric razor, with bits of stubble and dead skin flying everywhere. I still feel sick thinking about it.

or in the communal showers at the gym with the woman next to me shaving her arm pits and fanjo. yuk yuk yuk.



MioMao · 23/11/2007 09:18

SINBU. you just don't want to see that sort of thing so early in the morning. or ever in fact.

even worse is when a woman decides she absolutely must paint her nails on the Tube and the smell of the varnish stinks out the whole carriage.

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