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To have booked a foreign holiday for winter half term on my credit card....

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QuintessentialShadow · 22/11/2007 21:51

Ok, things have been rather shite. We have very little money, and I promised myself to stay away from my credit cards...

BUT, we need cheering up (ha ha, who doesnt...) So, I have booked 10 days in the canaries for winter half term. Me, my husband and our two sons. The thing is, my sister lives there, but is planning to move back next year. So it will be our last chance to go and visit (I have never been), and with not having accomodation costs, and my sister having a car, and we can cook at home, it really will not be so expensive. It would be a pity not to ever have seen her flat, her cat, and generally visited. I have wanted to go for years.....

Please reassure me I have done the right thing... I am already worried.

OP posts:

Carmenere · 22/11/2007 21:52

Well if you honestly feel that you will not worry too much, I say enjoy it

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