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To super glue together lego sets?

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Chickpeaohchickpea · 28/06/2021 10:16

I've seen two lego sets my children would really love for christmas(sorry! I'm an early shopper!!). They are pretty expensive around, £40-£50. They are only 5 & 6, I'm rather nervous they'll dismantle it, loose the pieces and never be able to put it back together, I know they would have lots of fun playing with the set itself.
Husband has said I can't spend that much if he can't glue it together whilst he's building the sets with them!
Would we be unreasonable to glue together the actual structure, they can move around the other bits and build other things to go with? Anyone else do this?

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Shitfuckcommaetc · 28/06/2021 10:17

Have you not SEEN the lego movie?!

Not the kraggle!!

LucindaJane · 28/06/2021 10:17

Just get something else. My 4 year old would constantly break apart little Lego and the bits would get lost, so I stick to duplo for now.

Aroundtheworldin80moves · 28/06/2021 10:17

Buy playmobil instead. Lego is designed to be adapted.

IPeedInThePool · 28/06/2021 10:18

I feel the same about playmobil love the stuff but my kids just dismantle it allllll the time.

Sirzy · 28/06/2021 10:18

You need to watch the Lego movie!

Let them enjoy the Lego. At that age I would be tempted to just buy the big tubs of mixed bricks rather than expensive sets

NoIDontWatchLoveIsland · 28/06/2021 10:21


This is not the point of lego. If you want a model stuck together buy airfix.

The "playing" in lego isn't as much about role play etc as construction. Lego models dont lend themselves to being "played with" extensively. Playmobil is better for that.

The whole point of Lego is to build, rebuild, add bits on as you fancy, free build creatively with no instructions.

If you are thinking you/your DH have to do most of the actual building, and what your children will like is playing imaginatively with the toy produced, lego probably isn't the best choice.

In terms of losing pieces, have them build lego with a blanket or sheet spread over the floor so you can lift up and ensure all the pieces get tipped back in the box afterwards.

Muddywoof · 28/06/2021 10:21

If your children don't mind then sure. However the best part of lego is changing bits of it and rebuilding. If it is a toy for them then he should leave it for them to do as they like.

NoIDontWatchLoveIsland · 28/06/2021 10:23

Yy to just buying a big mixed box. We have a couple of simple models but what my son mainly plays with is the yellow box creative sets - loads of bricks for building crazy models that he insists are castles/rockets/jet launchers or what have you!

NeedNewKnees · 28/06/2021 10:23

I sentence the OP and her husband to Watching The Lego Movie with immediate effect.

Crockof · 28/06/2021 10:23

Agree, you don't want lego if you want to glue it.

IARTNS · 28/06/2021 10:23


To super glue together lego sets?
Lolapusht · 28/06/2021 10:23

Kind of defeats the purpose of Lego, especially at that age. All of us love Lego and we have collectible sets that DC know aren’t for playing with and then their sets that get made then taken apart, bits get hoovered up, they use the bits for other projects etc.

If they’re “collector sets” you’d resell at some point then don’t glue them (Lego fans can get very upset at that suggestion!). If they’re not going to be resold then just let them play with them. If they’ll love making the set then don’t glue it. If you’re DH is going to be precious about “being careful” then get something else as nothing spoils fun more than being monitored the whole time. Tell DH to buy his own Lego and he can do what he wants with it 😀

RandomMess · 28/06/2021 10:25

Stick to Duplo for a few more years at least.

BeBloodyBold · 28/06/2021 10:27

Just buy separate plastic boxes to keep the sets in. Keep the instructions in the same box, makes running repairs easier.

£40-£50 Lego sets are surprisingly small, so should be easy to keep organised.

NoIDontWatchLoveIsland · 28/06/2021 10:29

Duplo is just a chunkier version of the same, it's no more durable in terms of playing with a model you have built! There are lots of reasons why you would choose lego over duplo for 5 and 6 year olds - the range of options and fine detail pieces enables you to do far more.

VettiyaIruken · 28/06/2021 10:31

Lego has gone bloody weird.

The whole point of it was to be able to use your imagination to build lots of different things, take them apart, build something else.

Now it's build this exact thing from a kit following these specific instructions. I'm actually surprised they don't include glue tbh.

So no, I wouldn't glue it. Id encourage them to build stuff and take it apart and build other stuff using their imagination and building their skills.

Ninkanink · 28/06/2021 10:31

Anyone else remember the thread about the child whose friend had BROKEN THEIR VERY EXPENSIVE TOY, and then it turned out to be a Lego model? Confused Grin

@Chickpeaohchickpea if you’re worried about them dismantling and losing pieces then perhaps just get them something else and wait on the fancy Lego sets ‘til they’re a bit older. It’s a real shame to glue it together IMO (and I’m Danish so I know about these things Wink )

TeenMinusTests · 28/06/2021 10:31

YABU. I don't know where to begin.
The whole point of lego is to build, dismantle, adapt, create.

chinateapot · 28/06/2021 10:33

This would be a huge waste of money. Lego sets have a pretty high resale value (sometimes more than they cost in the first place!) but they won’t if they’re glued together.

Plus what everyone else said too.

Chickpeaohchickpea · 28/06/2021 10:35

Just to clarify they do have general blocks, last year they got the large creative box set and a small lego set each. They have lots of fun with the little people from the lego sets and making things. Original structures long gone and all mixed together, definately some pieces have ended up hoovered etc. (Plus a kallax basket stuffed with duplo in the living room mostly for younger sibling now but all play with it - we do not have space for any more haha!).

We probably won't re-sell it. Maybe we should stick to the smaller £10-ish sets for now that they can build, eventually re-build and have fun with any people or animals that come with. Although they would really love the other sets for the 5 minutes they are up .

OP posts:
Coldilox · 28/06/2021 10:36

I have the Hogwarts Castle which cost around £300 and not even that is glued together.

(I do get stressed when my 6 year old touches it though!)

Trixieandkatya · 28/06/2021 10:37

This is the nature of the beast with Lego I'm afraid...

I have a lego obsessed 7 year old and I've had to get used to the fact that the sets he builds are not going to stay that way forever, and yes it is exasperating.

But the great thing about lego, and why I prefer it to most toys, is that it doesn't just do one thing, there are so many possibilities. My DS has spent many a happy hour in his room adapting his sets and building intricate worlds of his own from them.

The way I try to control the chaos is by storing the pieces by theme, so star wars lego in one box, lego city in anothet etc. And keep the figures in a separate box, along with any of the really tiny pieces so they dont need to rummage for them as much. Also give them a 'working on' tray or something that they can shove all the bits from whatever they've been working on onto at the end of the day, so its out of the way and you avoid a lego bombsite!

Aroundtheworldin80moves · 28/06/2021 10:38

What sets are you looking at?

megletthesecond · 28/06/2021 10:39

Yabu. Are you a monster?!

Lego sets are made to be built properly once then mixed up. Only DS's millennium falcon remains intact.

GiantToadstool · 28/06/2021 10:39

I would accept that somethinga you enjoy for the experience. If you all went to the cinema that would be £40 and then its gone. Same with a meal out...

Building a £40 lego kit will give hours of fun in the building.
Then hours of fun playing with and turning into hybrid things.

Then hours and hours of fun as extra bits in their collection.

Dont not get something just because it wont be played with how you would like.

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