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AIBU To be p**d off at Salesman threatening me if I didn't fill in a positive comments card?

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ksld · 22/11/2007 15:33

We had a new boiler installed recently and there followed a night of no heating or hot water as the installer left a valve closed (or something very small but enough to cause system to overheat and crash). I filled in a very negative comments card.

Several days later a salesman manager turns up to find out why, gives no apologies and says 'I don't want to threaten you but unless you fill out a positive comments card now I will be back again to find out why'.
Should I complain, or just leave it (as I'm not keen on confrontation, and really would not like to have him back in my house).

OP posts:

Camillathechicken · 22/11/2007 15:36

of course not !

he is threatening you

what sort of company is this.. how ludicrous, i suggest you tell them you will not be having them back in the house, nor giving a positive feedback, and if he threatens you , you will be calling the police.

cannot believe that rather than apologising, you are being threatened.


SugaryBits · 22/11/2007 15:36

I would complain and refuse entry to your house to anyone from that company!


Carmenere · 22/11/2007 15:36

What??? Ring his office NOW and complain


yurt1 · 22/11/2007 15:37

That's dreadful I;d refuse and complain to the big boss. Imagine if he threatened an elderly person like that. Refuse to have him in the house.


TellusMater · 22/11/2007 15:38

Blimey. Get on the phone. Do you have his name?


madmouse · 22/11/2007 15:42

I am not to sure about complaining to the company. Companies that sprout employees like that I would not expect too much of. Go straight for trading standards.


madmouse · 22/11/2007 15:44


Hekate · 23/11/2007 10:47

COMPLAIN NOW! Right now.

Give me their telephone number and I'LL complain for you!

And even if he shows up at your door, you don't have to open it You can yell through the letterbox that you are calling the police.

Also when you complain you must tell them that you are going to take legal advice about him threatening you.


RubberDuck · 23/11/2007 10:49

Absolutely agree with everyone else. Formal complaint to head office, trading standards and professional ombudsmen (what schemes is he listed with? Contact all of them too).

How bloody dare he threaten you. Make him regret that. A lot.


mishymoo · 23/11/2007 10:57

Agree with everyone. Have a look on the corgi website - it gives you a list of organisations to take your complaint to. That is of course, if you had a gas boiler fitted.

If it's an oil fired boiler, then Oftec are the people to contact.

Even if they are unable to help you, they will certainly point you in the right direction. They may have received other complaints about this company and are already investigating them. These organisations have the power to remove their qualifications so they will be unable to legally carry out this type of work ever again.


LilRedWG · 23/11/2007 11:04

Definitely complain to all of the below bodies! Make sure this idiot's boss knows that if he sets foot on your property you will be calling the police.


ksld · 23/11/2007 11:54

Thanks for all the replies everyone.

I knew I had to complain really, just wanted to see if you all felt it was as bad as I did.

I have written a letter of complaint to the 'Complaints Review Team' as I couldn't get hold of anyone by phone (just hold hell) - the only number I was given in case of problems was this man's mobile number as he is the Team Manager. Will give them a week to reply to my letter and then decide what else to do.

The CORGI website was not very helpful as this was a household name company rather than a local firm. I never asked for Corgi registered numbers or anything, as we were aware we were paying extra for the 'big firm' to do the work quickly and well, and didn't think it was necessary.

My worry is that he will just turn up again, and while I don't think he will actually do anything wrong, he can make a nuisance of himself. Last time he arrived as I was unpacking the shopping and just sort of marched in to the house. At the time it just seemed a bit odd and presumptuous (sp?) but now he's threatened to come back it feels a bit more worrying.

OP posts:

RubberDuck · 23/11/2007 12:05

Corgi: just give as many details as you can, especially if a national firm they should easily be able to sort that out.

As for him turning up again, keep your mobile on you. If he comes in your house then immediately dial 999 with no warning and get police involved IMMEDIATELY. If he knocks at your door then ask him to leave firmly, again with mobile in hand ready to call and let him see you doing that.

It's the right thing to do, honestly. How many elderly people in your town has he already given this treatment to?

Actually, I'd be tempted to pre-emptively lodge a complaint to the police for threatening behaviour just in case.


nametaken · 23/11/2007 14:27

Can't you get your partner to deal with it - I expect he won't be so nasty to a man


Carmenere · 23/11/2007 15:11

As this scumbag wants a positive report so badly, it does imply that he answers to someone. Ask to speak to the MD of the company. Not the manager, certainly not the area manager but the MD.


Carmenere · 23/11/2007 15:12

And if you can't get through, ask his(or her) name and that is who you address your correspondence to.


HairyIrene · 23/11/2007 15:21

crikey he sounds like he used to be a bailiff or some such..

it creeped me out reading this ..walking into your home etc..
agree with following it up via MD as carm suggests or trading standards asap


Columbia · 23/11/2007 15:29

Was it B. gas? I found them crapola too...but not to this level.

Good luck with your complaint. Keep an eye before you open the door, don't leave it open at all for a while.


LazyLinePainterJane · 23/11/2007 15:47

If he comes back and forces his way into your house again you should call the police. Don't threaten him with it, just do it!


DixiePixie · 23/11/2007 16:10

Hang on - he marched into your house uninvited?!!! . That is trespassing on top of threatening behaviour. If I was in your position, I would be very tempted to talk to the police now tbh.


ksld · 23/11/2007 16:22

Columbia - yes BG it was.

Think my post may have led to some people getting the wrong idea. I was unpacking the shopping from the car and walking in to the house by the back door. He had turned up early so I thought that he would stay in his car rather than come in, but he sort of followed me in. I acknowledged him but didn't say 'please come in through the back'. NOT trespass, just unexpected.

My problem is really that if they set so much store by these comments cards that he is this desperate to get a positive comment, then someone in Head Office should be aware of the lengths he is going too to get the comments he wants. I'm imagining most people just fill it in saying all fine now, would recommend... I don't honestly think he is going to come back here and hurt me, so think going to the police would be an over-reaction. I just don't want a confrontation with him over the fact I have complained about him, which is why I don't want him to come back.

OP posts:

yurt1 · 24/11/2007 16:39

`BRITISH GAS???? My god.


bossybritches · 24/11/2007 21:01

OK letter to the Head of HR at BG copied to the director general AND the Chief Exec....

Phil Bentley is the MD.

here's a few more names!!


helenhismadwife · 25/11/2007 08:21

definately a written complaint to someone his behaviour is unacceptable as was their service by the sound of things

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