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To not give my 8 year old son a mobile phone

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Joekate · 22/11/2007 12:03

He's nagging like mad for one, and I don't see the point! He's only 8, won't be able to take it to school because it'll get damaged (like everything else!)and when he's not at school, he's with me - and I'm the reason he says he wants one so that we can keep in contact (next he'll be asking if we can "do lunch"!)

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clumsymum · 22/11/2007 12:05

No YANBU. My ds has mithered for a phone for 2 years (also 8), but really it's only cos he plays the games on mine if we're stuck in traffic or somesuch.

It'sjust something to ask for, I don't know any other child of his age who has one. Take no notice


mumblechum · 22/11/2007 12:07

I didn't buy my ds one till he started secondary and that seems to be par for the course with his mates.

Half the time he leaves it at home anyway.

Hold your ground till he goes to secondary.


Wisteria · 22/11/2007 12:08

No - bloody ridiculous IMO, just ignore him. Mine had them when they started being out without me which was at the same time as secondary school.


Listmaker · 22/11/2007 12:08

I've said when you start secondary school for my two as before that they are always at school or with a grown up so no need. They've accepted that and don't ask about it. None of their friends have one anyway so there would be no one to text or anything!


titchy · 22/11/2007 12:40

Friend of dd's had one age 7 - she spend each weekend making 'nuisance' calls to dd. The first few were quite funny - hearing them chatter away, but 12 a day, often silent, was ridiculous. Had to tell her off in the end and say we'd ask the police to block her number (parents did nowt - just said 'oh i know she's on her mobile all the time'). Don't do it!!!!!


paolosgirl · 22/11/2007 12:42

Well, I'm going to go against the other posters here, and say that if he wants to use his money to buy the phone and top it up, then let him. DS was about the same age, he pestered and pestered, I let him buy one with some Christmas money (could only afford a cheapie from Tesco), he had no-one to phone or text, used it for the games that came with it, moaned about the cost of topping it up and finally stopped playing with it

A useful lesson in life about wasting money was learned IMO.


VictorianSqualor · 22/11/2007 12:52

Ugh, my DD was bought a mobile phone for her 6th birthday by her father, who she never bloody sees anyway (long story) because he wanted to be able to call her whenever he wanted
The phone was on for about two days, she recieved about ten calls, always at unreasonable times (dinner/bath/homework etc), twice from her father, drunk and once a text message from her uncle drunk, at 11pm.
I don't like the idea of children of 6/7/8/9 being able to take calls that aren't monitored by their parents to some degree, and a mobile phone takes that away.


Joekate · 22/11/2007 13:28

Thanks for the replies and glad to see I'm not being unreasonable. Two of the kids in his class have and I think it's ridiculous - who are they going to need to phone? I've said to him that when he goes to secondary he can have one, and he won't get it then if he keeps nagging!! (Slowly but surely, I'm turning into my Mum)

OP posts:

VictorianSqualor · 22/11/2007 13:37

aren't we all???
Plus on top of the monitoring of calls, I meant to add that they are a target for older kids who are happy to steal them, it's not worth the risk.


Blandmum · 22/11/2007 13:43


It may well get lost/ makes him a target for theft/ may make him a target for phone bullying/ school may have banned them (we do for the previous reasons)/ why would he need one?


smartiejake · 22/11/2007 14:10

She had a phone at age 6???? What's wrong with calling on the home phone?
Kids don't need a mobile until they start going out on their own.


JossSticktheSnowman · 22/11/2007 14:38

My Ds is 6 and he has our old one. He's had it about a year and so far i've put about a fiver on it.

He'll phone his Gps when we're in the car and they'll phone him if he's had a special day.

It's helped him with his spelling, reading and numbers but i would never let anyone outside the family have his number.

It's more like a toy to him really atm.

But he is the type of child who likes real stuff rather than toys iyswim.


unknownrebelbang · 22/11/2007 23:21



lilolilmanchester · 22/11/2007 23:30

My DD (10) wants one. Who would she phone, and when???? I've said she can have one as soon as she starts going anywhere independently (likely to be when she starts secondary school). YANBU.


SugarBird · 23/11/2007 00:46

I agree - secondary school age, or when they're out and about without you, is a good time for a mobile. Also I've always stuck to the most uncool phones I can find for my DSs so they won't get nicked. An older boy did try to mug DS1 when he was 14 but took one look at his mobile and gave it back! He was a bit shaken up but has never pestered me for a desirable phone since then.
DS2 (13) is less easy to persuade though...


Joekate · 23/11/2007 10:16

Just had a message from my Mum "I know what he want's for Christmas - a mobile phone!" Sneeky so and so. For once Grandma said no! Must have come as a shock to him! AND Mum and I are in agreement - which never happens! Is there a solar eclips (sp?) going on or something?

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