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To not want to spend 40.00 on Christmas cards

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pyjamagirl · 21/11/2007 09:40

This year I have refused to send them to family .
We have a big family and both sides have a thing about really nice cards .
Also you cant just send one per family there has to be one from us ,one from the kids ,one to sisters then of course aunties from the kids.
It's utter madness told my sister last night and she didn't seem too impressed so I just told herI would get the kids to draw hera chrismassy picture instead

OP posts:

beeper · 21/11/2007 09:49

YANBU - Its all corporate money making rubbish.


LieselVentouse · 21/11/2007 09:50

dont get that, i like xmas cards - receing and sending but am not too bothered if somebody doesnt send me one


pyjamagirl · 21/11/2007 09:53

I like them too but when you have 5 dc and your relatives expect to get one from each of them it gets out of hand

OP posts:

Buda · 21/11/2007 09:56

That's madness. I like sending and receiving but am aware that it is not environmentally friendly but also aware that the card industry and charities would lose out if we all stopped so will still do them.

But I just send normal bog-standard charity cards to everyone. Buy two special ones for my parents and MIL.


MuffinMclay · 21/11/2007 09:57

YANBU - waste of time and momey. I'm sending just 10 this year, bought from a charity I feel strongly about.

A picture drawn by the dcs is far nicer IMO.


harleyd · 21/11/2007 09:57

i only ever send them to people far away who i am not going to see or speak to


harleyd · 21/11/2007 09:58

(and sometimes even they dont get posted)


Wisteria · 21/11/2007 09:58

I can't stand that, when I met dp his family started those shenanigans so I told them straightaway that under no circumstances would I be lining Mr Clinton's pockets as I only send cards to people I don't see at Christmas and I would rather TELL them I love them.... and give a fiver to charity.

Anyway those types of cards are puke making IMHO, especially when you're expected to read the verse out loud - then again I am the most heartless 'unsoppy' person you are ever likely to meet

Bought my normal cards from Aldi this year and they're really quite nice, pack of 20 for about £1-1.50 I think and they're not thin either. The dcs got 99p for 20 little animal cards which they love.


zippitippitoes · 21/11/2007 09:58

i don't send any...


XAliceInWonderlandX · 21/11/2007 10:03

my best friend has a card shop she will make two special ones

we will make a few

and draw lots of pictures

send some emails

and wait for a card from harley


frootloop · 21/11/2007 14:46

my MIL is like this when it comes to cards. one from a charity pack isn't good enough for her, she wants an individually picked hallmark one, it doesnt matter that it costs £5 or more for what is essentially a sheet of card with some glitter and a naff message inside.
i refuse to do it anymore, she knows dh and i think cards are a waste of money(except charity ones) so she is getting an r.n.l.i card like everyone else this year.


larry5 · 21/11/2007 15:56

We send lots of cards but we buy charity cards from charity shops (not supermarkets as they only give a tiny percentage to charity). We like receiving them to but don't cross people off the list if they don't send one.


Tinker · 21/11/2007 15:58

I like xmas cards but sending separate ones from each child is madness. YANBU


mumblechum · 21/11/2007 16:00

me, dh and ds always make them for each other. Buy posh ones for parents because it's expected.

Buy only about 30 charity ones, send to people we don't see.

Wish people we do see happy xmas.

I used to send about 100 out every year but just got totally bored with it.


EmsMum · 21/11/2007 16:02

The only 'really nice' cards are charity or homemade. The others are vulgar wasteful tat.
One from each household to each household is plenty. With handmade cards from the kids and notes from you inserted if you want.

Tell you what really irritated me. A couple of the charity catalogs came with Christmas cards. Firstly I don't like 'corporate' cards of any sort. Secondly its a waste of the charity's resources. Thirdly they arrived in October!


meemar · 21/11/2007 16:05

why do your relatives expect to get one card from each child? Is it a tradition you started and now feel you can't get out of?

I would just send one from the whole family and be done with it. No one will complain, and if they do, tough


ConnorTraceptive · 21/11/2007 16:50

Dh's family are like this too. We will send cards but they won't be individually bought and it will be one card from all of us not sepererate ones for ds. I'm also stubbornly refusing to get into token gifts from ds for gp's, cousins etc.

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