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to be upset that ds's teacher talked about ds in front of other parents?

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Blossomhill · 20/11/2007 11:57

Went in this morning and was at the door talking to ds's teacher about his homework saying that he found it hard. She replied that it shouldn't have been that hard as they did it all last week. I walked towards my friends and she continuted to say that ds has been talking a lot in class and she was considering moving him.
Now I have no problem with her telling me this. I have no problem with her moving ds but I think she should have said it discretely.
Ds is generally good and if she had mentioned it to me before (parents evening was only 2 weeks ago) I would have had a word with ds, a stern one at that.
Now what shall I do? I am thinking of writing a letter.

OP posts:

mumblechum · 20/11/2007 12:00

Don't bother writing a letter.

My ds's primary teacher used to do much worse than that, I think you'll just have to let that one go.


meemar · 20/11/2007 12:00

does she mean moving to another class? If so she definitely should not be discussing this in front of other parents.

Or did she just mean 'moving him', as in making him sit somewhere else?. I don't think I would really have had a problem with that.


EmsMum · 20/11/2007 12:06

She should have been more discreet but amidst the bustle she probably just misjudged a little amidst the doorway bustle.


dollyk · 20/11/2007 12:10

I would tell her next time she wants to speak with you to do it private I would not let it g,o if you was not happy with her she would not like it if you brought it up in front of all the mothers ect


HuwEdwards · 20/11/2007 12:13

BH, I think as you initiated the conversation and you moved away whilst she was responding, then not sure how it was her fault.


fireflyfairy2 · 20/11/2007 12:15

This wouldn't bother me. You walked away, she followed you still continuing the conversation.

I do think if she had something to tell you though, like ds moving, she should have made an appointment to speak to your after school about it.


Charlee · 20/11/2007 12:17

I get this a ds's playschool, i have had 2 ocassions when i have been very embarassed one when ds1 had threadworm his teacher cam out into the parent waiting area and loudly said to me 'I take it DS's worm treatment is complete? i worry about the other children' and when he was potty traning (which was a bit late becuase of his illness) 'i simply had to put a nappy back on ds today he wouldn't stop pooing his pants.' I didn't write a letter but said to her that i wouls be greatfull if she would discuss ds with me in private not in front of other parents.

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