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And the award for wussiest DP goes to..........

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lucyellensmum · 18/11/2007 18:45

My DP!!!!

Today i clipped the dogs claws, been meaning to do it for ages as they were really long but didnt think i had a silver nitrate pencil (it stops bleeding from the quick) and knew he would bleed as i could see that the quick was really really long and some of his claws are black, but he really needed his claws clipping. (I am ex vet nurse so know what to do etc). Just a case of getting dp to hold Jack russel size dog still for a few minutes. First cut, OK, Second OK, third - DP not holding dog properly, bled - held pencil on it for few seconds, no drama. Fourth cut - black claw - bled, no big deal. DP looking decidedly green around the gills - hands me the dog - "i cant do this anymore, you are making me feel sick"

ROTFL - oh my god! Its not like there was loads of blood, pin pricks if anything. DP now in huffy mood because ive stressed the dog out - LMAO - he always says the dog is mine, that hes not really a small dog person, but now hes all precious because ive stressed the dog, who is quite happily sat at my feet as i type - loves his mum, so he does

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floopowder · 18/11/2007 19:13

Bloody hell what is it with men these days, my dh leaves me to do the dogs nails as it 'upsets' him, oh and he can't take our Lurcher for her contraceptive jab as she howls real loudly (which is always a bit weird because meg NEVER makes a sound any other time and for a while there we thought she was mute)

floopowder · 18/11/2007 19:14

Bloody hell what is it with men these days, my dh leaves me to do the dogs nails as it 'upsets' him, oh and he can't take our Lurcher for her contraceptive jab as she howls real loudly (which is always a bit weird because meg NEVER makes a sound any other time and for a while there we thought she was mute)

lucyellensmum · 18/11/2007 20:47

wimps - the lot of em

Any more wimpy guys out there, doesnt have to be dog related

OP posts:
sandyballs · 18/11/2007 20:53

Can I add mine to the list. DD threw up all over the bathroom floor yesterday and then had bad diarrhoea, bless her, thankfully in the toilet . DH went all peculiar and had to go outside to get some fresh air.

A couple of years ago DD fell backwards off the sofa and caught her head on the radiator, loads of blood, screaming etc. Her sister also terribly upset by it all, so two DDs screaming. DH announces he can't do blood and runs out the room .

minouminou · 18/11/2007 22:59

oh god, when ds was 1st born, dp made an absolute production of changing his nappy
he'd smear Vicks under his nose a la the autopsy scene in silence of the lambs, insert ear plugs (as ds used to cry while being changed, like they do), and shake and sweat his way through the entire process
all this, and ds was exclusively breastfed, so his poo hardly even smelt
thankfully, he's got over it now

edam · 18/11/2007 23:05

Dh panics when he sees a spider and hurtles round the room trying to find something big and heavy with which to kill it. While I have to stretch up to wherever it is spidy is hiding (they are ALWAYS higher up than me for some reason) manipulate a glass and piece of card successfully while fully extending my arms, etc. etc. etc. and release said spider outside....

I wouldn't mind, but dh is six foot tall and built like a brick shithouse and I'm, um, not!

edam · 18/11/2007 23:06

Although I have to say IME b/f babies' poo still smells!

susiecutiemincepies · 18/11/2007 23:06

I too have a dh who is a total drama queen when it come to changing nappies.. he does this odd talking through his nose holding his breath thing.... I cannot work out how he does it but its highly amusing.
He either does that or finds some excuse good reason to be busy elsewhere...

he's also done this since she was born, and beast fed so again, not smelly poo... they're pretty offensive these days though... someone has to do them right? its not like we mums LOVE the smell of our childs shits is it??

they get away with it, because the job HAS to be done, and we give in and pander to their precious little noses! lol

lucyellensmum · 18/11/2007 23:09

I once had to have treatment for pre-cancerous cells, a fairly simple and relatively discomfort free procedure and i got to see my cervix up close and personal on the tv screen. I was quite happy after my second visit when they gave me the all clear - i was telling DP about the procedure, not in graffic detail as i know he has a dodgy stomach - poor love had to pull the car over and sit with his head between his knees. I wouldnt mind but i really want him to have a vasectomy but lets face it, it aint gonna happen is it

OP posts:
LuckySalem · 18/11/2007 23:11

I want to add my DP!!
He can't change the cat litter (makes him sick) so here's me 33 weeks pregnant having to get my 2 pairs of marigolds on just to change the damn litter box!!

Also I've been told he's not changing nappies cos it'll make him sick.

Seriously!! the couple of times i've made him try you can hear him outside heaving (and i'm sure he's putting it on)

When I told him he WOULD be changing nappies cos i'll be breastfeeding and don't want to be woken unless its dinner time (which is going to happen enough times without having to add nappy changes to the wake ups) he's announced "ok love, i'll ONLY wake you when it needs feeding" (you so know that's going to be the excuse EVERY TIME!

mollymawk · 18/11/2007 23:21

LOL minouminou. I am going to go to bed laughing at your DP and his Vicks now...

lucyellensmum · 18/11/2007 23:34

lucky, your DP really should be changing the cat litter for you!

OP posts:
helenhismadwife · 19/11/2007 09:57

men!! when I had my cvs itwas dh who needed the cup of tea and lie down after bless him he is much better now though after two births, a pph and a mountain of shitty nappies

Threadworm · 19/11/2007 10:11

Our outside drain sometimes blocks. The blockage can be freed by shoving your arm down as far as the shoulder and wiggling your hand about. I have done this several times. DH claims he cannot do this; he says it is not his fault, he just can't face it, and if it is 'his turn' he will just call in a professional and pay £100. So I have to do it again, and that is ok, because I have 'chosen' to do it rather than let him pay £100.

Also, I have to change lightbulbs because he 'doesn't like standing on thestepladder'

Also, he can't drive.

Threadworm · 19/11/2007 10:12

PS, is only the kitchen drain -- blockage is bits of rice, etc, and autumn leaves.

southeastastra · 19/11/2007 10:19

mine doesn't (want to) drive either . i'm the one always rodding the drains too.

we found a poor mouse, drowned in an old pot outside. poor dp was too scared to even look at it.

Threadworm · 19/11/2007 10:25

We sound like the ladies in Cranford on the telly last night: a man in the house is so 'in the way'. And women 'are men's superior in every respect'.

clam · 19/11/2007 19:28

Threadworm!! "doesn't like standing on the stepladder?" !!!! LOL! Marvellous! That gets the prize I reckon. How many rungs would he have to scale to reach a lightbulb? 2?

lululemonrefuser · 19/11/2007 19:35

Gosh. Would you all be so mean about a woman who didn't want to do some of these things?

Some people can cope with blood and guts, so to speak, and some can't. I can see that it was unhelpful that the husband in the OP wouldn't hold the dog, but it's hardly a hanging offence, is it?

clam · 19/11/2007 19:42

Yes. Actually. I'm not allowed to get away with whinge-ing about stuff and I'm a girl, so why should wussy men? (or women)

clam · 19/11/2007 19:44

And am thinking about toughening up on DH who refuses to deal with eggs on any basis whatsoever, even boiled, because "they make me feel funny." Pah!

SantaBeClausImWorthIt · 19/11/2007 19:48

A friend of ours used to hang a nappy sac over his ears when changing nappies, and breathe in the scent from them rather than have to smell the nappy!

LuckySalem · 19/11/2007 19:48

It's a mick take, calm down.

DP's are wussy people (Man flu anyone?) lol.

I made DP do the litter this morning, was well funny!! It took him 1/2 hr (normally takes me 10 mins) and left him sitting outside having a fag cos "I nearly threw up and my throat is hurting from heaving" lol

Ahh well, I'm making him nice dinner so he can stop wingeing now! lol

susiecutiemincepies · 19/11/2007 23:27

Gosh. perhaps you might find a sense of humour lululemonrefuser
Its only a bit of fun fgs!

Lucky, I'm jolly pleased to hear he did the cat litter.... in your case, it IS serious. as is a risk to your baby. even if it takes him an hour, better that than the possible consequences of you doing it.

Clam how on earth do eggs make him feel funny? is it the shell, the shape, or when they are cracked open?

lucyellensmum · 20/11/2007 13:26

yes lulu, it is a piss take really, i am certainly not cross with DP for not holding the dog, he is just such a big wuss when it comes to that sort of thing, i think its really funny. It is easy to forget about people being squeemish when you are not in the slightest bit squeemish in any way. I remember being out in a chinese resturant with friends from work, we suddenly realised we were talking quite graphically about surgical procedures over our meal and the people on the next table looked a bit uncomfortable needless to say we changed the subject!

My DP is really squeemish over what are to me, trivial things, however he is an absolute star - he changes DDs nappies, no complaint (although will try to dodge if he can) and he also cleaned up the dog shit from the bathroom when i was in hospital after having DD. And i mean, the dog had shit on the floor, in the bath, smeared it all over the walls etc, he had to undress to do it!! I do think that with that sort of thing, when a man (or a woman) absolutely has to deal with it, he will. If i had been home it would have been me on my hands and knees up to my eyeballs in shit.

Of course, someone only has to open their mouth to show me a rotten tooth or the like and i feel like i have to lay down!

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