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And the award for wussiest DP goes to..........

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lucyellensmum · 18/11/2007 18:45

My DP!!!!

Today i clipped the dogs claws, been meaning to do it for ages as they were really long but didnt think i had a silver nitrate pencil (it stops bleeding from the quick) and knew he would bleed as i could see that the quick was really really long and some of his claws are black, but he really needed his claws clipping. (I am ex vet nurse so know what to do etc). Just a case of getting dp to hold Jack russel size dog still for a few minutes. First cut, OK, Second OK, third - DP not holding dog properly, bled - held pencil on it for few seconds, no drama. Fourth cut - black claw - bled, no big deal. DP looking decidedly green around the gills - hands me the dog - "i cant do this anymore, you are making me feel sick"

ROTFL - oh my god! Its not like there was loads of blood, pin pricks if anything. DP now in huffy mood because ive stressed the dog out - LMAO - he always says the dog is mine, that hes not really a small dog person, but now hes all precious because ive stressed the dog, who is quite happily sat at my feet as i type - loves his mum, so he does

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Threadworm · 20/11/2007 15:22

SantaBeClausImWorthIt, I am sniggering at the nappy-sac-on-face. I'm picturing him as a masked surgeon in operating theatre, with you behind him mopping his brow and passing equipment in response to his curt manly commands.

clam · 20/11/2007 16:54

He was apparently "traumatised" as a child when he was sick after eating one. He therefore refuses to have anything to do with them, even cooking them for the kids. It's mainly the smell, but he has extended the ban to boiling them with their shells on! He's the same with fish. Although I notice he's never been "traumatised" through being sick after a few too many beer & curries.

MelissaM · 20/11/2007 17:07

Great thread. ROFL

luckysalem - my dad used to throw up every time he changed our nappies, but he still did it any way. Tell your dp not to be such a wuss! (Guess my dad didnt have any choice really as I'm a twin and my younger brother followed quite soon afterwards).

wabbit · 20/11/2007 17:16

Nappy sack hung over ears... !! PMSL!!

this thread is SO funny THANKYOU!

notjustmom · 20/11/2007 17:23

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lucyellensmum · 20/11/2007 18:31

the times i've heard "it might bite me" from DP is untrue - although i have got him out of that now as animals play a huge part in my life, he loves them as much as i do, hes just a MAN!!

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lucyellensmum · 20/11/2007 18:34

oh and another thing before dinner - my DP decided he wanted snakes, couldnt be settled with a cute little corn snake, no, he wanted stonking great carpet python (the most aggressive python i was later told, with the biggest teeth!!) Guess who had to get the bloody thing out of its tank, guess who had to get bitten, guess who had to clean it out because DP used to say, yep, you got it "it might bite me!!"

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EricL · 20/11/2007 18:35

You have to cut dogs toe nails?

You are kidding me?

That is revolting. Blood and everything?

I'm so glad i hate pets.

I feel sick myself now.

pointydog · 20/11/2007 18:46

I wouldn't fancy that.

Long quicks? Black claws? Nitrate pencils and blood?

clam · 20/11/2007 19:21

Ooh! Just remembered, whilst I'm ridiculing DH on a national website....... he used to chop onions whilst wearing diver's goggles! In his defence, however, he stopped short of the snorkel. Bless him

lucyellensmum · 20/11/2007 21:29

that eric, is because you are a man

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