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To be worried about my rental deposit

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crumbsnamechange · 19/05/2021 11:56

Some of you might remember I posted in AIBU last week about not cleaning the property I'm leaving 'to a professional standard' - well I took the posts on board Grin and spent about 7 hours in total giving it as deep a clean as I could, as I couldn't afford to spend £300+ on professionals to do it. It's now as clean as when I moved in, except for the oven, which despite my hour-long scrubbing just won't sparkle like new Sad so expecting some deposit money to be docked for that as it's close but not quite in the same condition as when I moved in.

I'm also worried about the items left in the house. When I moved in, there were a few issues that I asked the handyman to sort (he turned up randomly on moving-in day and said he was acting on behalf of the landlady directly, not the lettings agency) examples are the bedroom curtain rail (just a wire) was fully broken and the gauze left on it was not suitable, so I put my own curtains up and gave the gauze and wire to the handyman. I also asked him to take the spare furniture I didn't need, and he said he'd keep it safe for the landlady, in a property she also uses somewhere down the road.

Never have I been able to have contact with the landlady - all communication has been through the agency, which has been really slow and poor (to the point of them not answering at all at times).

Now I'm worried the inventory check will show items missing, and the handyman (quite reasonably I suppose) refuses to act as a go-between between the agency and landlady to sort this out. The items are all down the road still as far as I know, in "another house which belongs to the landlady" according to the handyman. It's all a bit obscure.

What should I do? If it comes to a dispute, the inventory person will note these items as missing but only the handyman and possibly the landlady seem to know where they are. The handyman says he won't put the items back and to just sort it out with the landlady and the agency, but I have no means of contacting the former and the latter are useless.

Argh! Should I just wait and see what happens with the inventory, and dispute it if necessary, or should I contact the inventory people and explain about the missing items in advance, saying that the landlady will move them back if needed? Am I trying to control this situation too much? So frustrating when I can't contact the landlady myself and check what she wants in the property for the new tenant.

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OldEvilOwl · 19/05/2021 12:53

You haven't done anything wrong or broken anything so stop panicking and see what happens, I think you should be fine.

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