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To ask you to save my marriage (or DH’s life) by recommending headphones to drown out snoring!

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MrsSnoreyMcSnoreface · 19/05/2021 00:15

I love DH, and he is great in many ways, but he snores like a cement truck. In the longer term he knows he needs to go for tests, but in the short term I need something to drown him out! He sleeps in the spare room most of the time (but I can still hear him and anyway it’s not really what we want forever), but we are going to the Lake District for our first holiday since lockdown, and I would dearly love some sleep.

I don’t care what they cost, a good night’s sleep is priceless, so hit me with your recommendations for ear plugs please!

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littlepattilou · 19/05/2021 00:43

White noise machine. Can save your sanity. It's amazing how much noise it cuts out.

As for your trip; you need to book separate rooms.

I could never wear earplugs. So annoying and uncomfortable.


GreyhoundG1rl · 19/05/2021 00:47



FibroFighter81 · 19/05/2021 00:50

I have tried wax earplugs, hard foam, plastic, you name it.... I've tried them. Husband SNORES so badly that it nearly ruined us!!

Anyway, I found these are the best as they have an extra bit which helps block out a bit more noise.


FibroFighter81 · 19/05/2021 00:53

I can still hear him, despite these plus being recommended for helping hearing damage from military manoeuvres, agricultural equipment, air port ground crews,.... etcConfusedConfusedConfused


CoRhona · 19/05/2021 00:54

Weight loss solved it here!


ijwmtb · 19/05/2021 00:56

These are super cheap but my favourite for my ears. I cut the end very short. You need to wiggle them a bit in your ear to make sure they have created a proper seal but I find they block noise better than any others I have tried. I like them even more after I've worn them for a few days and they are softer.


grantoderek · 19/05/2021 05:37

Is he overweight? Since losing 35kg my oh no longer snores at all


SuperSleepyBaby · 19/05/2021 06:13

This stops my husband’s snoring - I couldn’t sleep when he was snoring - always being woken up and having to make him turn on his side as that would stop it for a while


MrsSnoreyMcSnoreface · 19/05/2021 07:07

Thanks guys, I will check these out.

Yes, long term he needs to lose some weight, and he definitely didn’t snore much before gaining it, but that won’t happen by the time we go away. (We can’t book separate rooms this time as it’s a family trip and my parents have paid for the house for us all and are in the other room. It doesn’t help that I am a really light sleeper.)

It’s amazing how rage inducing it is to see them blissfully asleep whilst keeping you awake, isn’t it? 😡

OP posts:

ginoginellizzz · 19/05/2021 07:09

Best sleep ever = my normal earphones in all night with 'sound sleeper' app playing Mountain River. I cannot hear a thing. It takes a few weeks to get used to sleeping in headphones but my god it has saved me


Dontforgetyourbrolly · 19/05/2021 07:11

Presumably there's a lounge ? I'd take a blow up mattress and have him sleep there ! I was in a relationship with a heavy snorer and it was torture !


Raffles1981 · 19/05/2021 07:15

Bought this for my snoring man. Its not a solution, but it has greatly reduced the noise level. Along with earplugs, this may help x

To ask you to save my marriage (or DH’s life) by recommending headphones to drown out snoring!

3scape · 19/05/2021 07:21

Snoring is sleep bragging! Unfortunately my husband's snoring has been notorious since his teenage years. I've resigned myself to a life of sleep deprivation.


MrsXx4 · 19/05/2021 07:37

This was me about 5 months ago! I tried earplugs, headphones and white noise, nothing worked or I found it too uncomfortable.

Also we tried timing bedtime so that I could get to sleep before he came up but the anxiety made it impossible for me to sleep!! It was bad and we were on the verge with each other!!

Sleep Headphones Upgraded Bluetooth Headband, Wireless 5.0 Sports Headband Headphones with Ultra-Thin Stereo Speakers Adjustable, Music Sweatband for Side Sleeper, Jogging, Yoga, Travel (Grey)

I listen to white noise or the Breethe app. Been an actual life saver! Bedroom is once again calm and marriage better than ever!


violetbunny · 19/05/2021 07:46

Bose Sleep buds - they're designed for sleeping in...


FinallyHere · 19/05/2021 09:27

Life changer

Get the effortless Bluetooth ones, no cords and just on charging station no plugging in.

I don't even use the headband, just lie on one speaker.

Our GP explained hearing snoring when you try snd get to sleep is the issue. Once you are asleep, so long as you don't wake up , it's all good.


spottygymbag · 19/05/2021 11:25

Agree 100% with @violetbunny
Bose sleep buds are tiny buds of joy that have given me back my sleep despite road works and snoring dh. They are worth every single cent.


Fingersstuckwithsuperglue · 19/05/2021 12:30

I tried all the earplugs for myself and anti snore pillows, nose strips on DH - nothing worked. I was at my wits end - it’s awful. It got to the point that I refused to go away anywhere that I couldn’t escape to another room in the middle of the night (it was so so bad).
He ended up getting a mouth guard custom made from the dentist which was a life saver! Worked brilliantly- worth every penny! He’s literally silent at night now Grin


thereisonlyoneofme · 19/05/2021 15:09

I feel for you going on holiday, I slept in the bathroom of the hotel room once when we were away. At home I slept in the spare room, apart from the dreadful snoring OH worked shifts, so if I did manage to get to sleep he would be falling into bed at 5 am waking me up. Mine suffered from sleep apnoea so as well as the snoring I got the loud waking up snorting and heavy breathing.


RandomMess · 19/05/2021 15:10

Is there a sofa for him?


MrsSnoreyMcSnoreface · 19/05/2021 18:38

There might be a sofa, but he’ll be embarrassed with my dad being there.

“So don’t fucking snore then,” will be my response, which is why I am trying to avoid an argument.

I’ll try the Bose ear buds first as they get the most votes, and long term he needs to go on a diet and to the dentist!

OP posts:

longdistanceclaraaa · 30/07/2021 22:47

Hi, can I please check how you found them? I'm going through the exact same situation. Holiday looming and wondering if they're worth the money. Thanks!


Molly333 · 30/07/2021 23:11

Oh god I've been there ! My partner snored for years , in the end I was starting to not even like him ! But and its a big but has is now silent!!! We eventually went down the ear nose and throat clinic route ( we were desperate nothing worked inc ear plugs etc) they gave him a CPAP machine and he hasn't snored since !


TheLovelinessOfDemons · 30/07/2021 23:14

I go to bed before DH, I'm sound asleep before he comes in and then he doesn't wake me up.


Franklin12 · 30/07/2021 23:15

Ditto Bose sleep buds. Game changer but they are over £200. Bose were offering a trial if you brought via their website so might be worth a look.


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